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5th March 2020
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mothers day flowers
*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.
So let’s start off by reminding you that Mother’s Day 2020 is on the 22nd March so you still have a little time left before you need to panic. I don’t know about you, but as a child and young adult, I was always grateful for what my mum had done for me and my siblings. However, when you become a mother, it brings things to a whole new level of appreciation. You understand the feelings and emotions that they have been dealing with for a lot longer than you have and can understand how important it is to show your appreciation to them on that special day each year. I have also come to realise that even on Mother’s Day, we do not get a day off BUT it is great because you get to be with your loved ones, laugh and enjoy the family you have created. This year, I not only have my own lovely mum but my potentially future mother-in-law too whom I adore. So, as us women tend to do, I went out on the look for both mother’s and what to get them. Whilst I love them both for reading my blog, if they have gotten this far into this post, they are going to be in big trouble for not closing the page – go on, shoo!

Mother's day

The perfect gift for crafty mamas everywhere, From the makers of Sugru mouldable glue, this handy Create & Craft Kit has been designed to delight and inspire both seasoned crafters and first time dabblers. Offering a whole new way to glue and craft, Sugru is a high tech mouldable glue that sticks to most materials and turns into a strong flexible rubber overnight. From personalising your tools to creating your own rubber stamps, the Create & Craft Kit offers new ways to approach your craft projects with Sugru. Learn how to organise your creative workspace, customise your tools, and create beautiful repairs and handcrafted treasures. With easy step-by-step instructions, discover new techniques to fix, craft, emboss, texturise, design and upcycle. Buy it for yourself or as a gift for the most creative hands-on person in your life.

Guaranteed to put a smile on my mother’s face would be a pair of her favourite flip flops. She lives in them all year round, so what better gift to get her than a pair or three of her favourite Havaianas. I have to admit they are super comfortable, available in thin and wide versions and have so many different patterns, you can find something to go with any advert and any holiday.

What I really love is that they do all sorts of styles too, slightly heeled or perhaps gladiator they will be sure to set off any outfit at home or abroad.

flip flops havaianas

Plant a peony in the garden and watch it grow for decades blooming more and more each year. They make wonderful gifts as they are relatively low maintenance and have such longevity in the garden growing happily for years in a sunny spot blooming each Spring and filling the garden with scent and joy. Their peony plants are sold at flowering maturity meaning they will bloom the very first season they are planted. They are also grown in 100 % peat free compost making them environmentally friendly and very sustainable as they are pest free so need for any pesticides. Plants retail from £25 to £500 depending on the rarity of the variety

Primrose Hall Peonies is an RHS gold award-winning British nursery. They hold the National Collection for Intersectional peonies and stock the largest selection of rare and extremely collectable peonies for sale in the UK. Their peonies are sold at flowering maturity which means they are at least 5 years old; this ensures a more established plant which will bloom every season once planted in your garden.

Girl in field of pink Peonies - web

A great affordable Mother’s Day chocolate gift! NEW Roses To My Mum gift box alongside a Dairy Milk Bar with an ‘Love you Mum’ sleeve. Made extra special with all your favourite bars wrapped in a Cadbury purple organza gift bag with ribbon. This is the Cadburys Mother’s Day Treasure box and one I might just have to keep for myself!

The VEX Gift Card (also known as a VEX Gift Certificate) a swap-out product from Voucher Express which can be used like money to order gift vouchers and gift cards from this site. Send a Voucher Express Gift Card for maximum high street spending options, anything from Fashion & Homeware Gift Cards to experience days.

Gift Cards from Voucher Express end the age-old dilemma of what gift to send. Now your recipient has the option of every Voucher and store featured on Voucher Express – thousands of individual shops with the biggest retail brands in Britain.

Voucher Express Gift Cards and Vex Gift Certificates are easy to buy and easy to use and include the cost of sending the vouchers or cards to any UK address.

Presenting Green & Black’s Velvet Edition dark chocolate gift box. A handpicked collection of dark chocolate Velvet Edition bars in sweet new flavours including Raspberry & Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Mint and Roasted Almond in a gift box with hand tied ribbon. A special gift for any dark chocolate-lover with an appetite for adventure. Green & Black’s Velvet Edition is a 70% dark chocolate that is rich in cocoa content, yet exceptionally smooth in flavour.

Transform your tea with this stunning, on-trend gin tea set finished with a striking iridescent sheen. The sophisticated design is guaranteed to add elegance and style to all occasions. Comes in a Beautify gift box, making it the perfect present for all occasions. So whether it is tea or gin, this will look AY-MAZING!

Create bakery-style biscuits and cake decorations in the comfort of your own kitchen with this Icing Gun and Biscuit Maker! Set comprises 8 stainless steel icing nozzles and 13 stainless steel cookie cutter discs. Durable, high quality stainless steel icing gun with adjustable trigger action nozzle for complete control.

Set Of 3 Crisp Bakeware tins with non-stick coating. Perforated holes allow air to circulate freely during cooking. Dishwasher, oven, fridge & freezer safe.

The naughty side of nature! This crop of impertinent plants all have ridiculously rude names – Knobweed, Sausage Tree, Stiffcock and Virgin Thistle just to name a few. So if you’re a gardener who will giggle at a sticky willy, or a nature lover who will titter at a nipplewort, then this is the perfect mug for you.

Nim’s Edible Teas are naturally vegan and made from a nutritious combination of air dried fruit and vegetables. The flavours are as authentic as the fruit and vegetables used, which have been air-dried (not fried) to give the fullest flavour and nutritional value.
Once the tea has been enjoyed, the fruit is fully rehydrated and ready to snack on. Enjoy the fruit teas on top of porridge and yoghurt or try the vegetable teas as an extra ingredient to soups and warming pasta dishes. So from tractor to teacup, there is practically zero waste.
One portion of Pineapple and Kiwitea provides 49% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C with Pineapple, beetroot and parsnip providing 42%. This Drink and Snack in one, is available online.

So Bomb DIY Crystal Geode bath bombs let you treat your mum to a wonderful homemade gift. Children can easily create awesome new colour changing bath bombs in both bomb and the trending geode styles. Design your own unique gift and give your mum a pampering present she’ll adore. Watch in amazement as the coloured crystals magically turn the bath water a different colour as the fizzy bath bomb hits the tub! The perfect duo as a Mothers Day gift, the So Bomb Crystal Geode Kit includes two moulds, a fabulous choice of coloured powders and everything you need to design a fizzy delight! Simply mix the coloured powder together with water, put it inside the mould and then wait. Don’t forget to add in a hidden surprise before it sets though!

The expandable phone grip offers a secure grip and acts as a stand to watch videos on your phone. New PopGrip and PopTop designs allow for easy swappability. Click and twist off to change your PopTop for a whole new look, whenever you feel like refreshing your style. PopGrips are the perfect gift for a Mother as they add a splash of style, and can make mobile phone use more accessible for those with dexterity issues or simply struggling to get to grips with technology.

PopSockets has countless designs and colour schemes: Swarovski crystal range, Real gemstones, and also has a range of car mounts that can attach to dashboards, air vents and windscreens.

Discover the benefits of Magnitone BareFaced 2 Daily Cleansing and Skin Toning Brush; a fully waterproof tool that cleanses, massages and tones skin to leave it softer, smoother and healthier-looking.

Powered by award-winning 3D Vibra-Sonic™ technology, the innovative device combines sonic oscillations and pulsed vibrations to deliver a deep pore cleansing action; simply glide it over the face for one minute to effectively draw out makeup, impurities and dead skin.

Arrives with two interchangeable attachments, including a PoreFect anti-bacterial daily cleansing brush head and a Tone It Up! silicone head to stimulate skin and improve absorption of following skincare products. The tool boasts three modes (sensitive, deep cleanse and PulseLift toning) for a customised regime that has never been quicker or simpler. Easy to use in the bath or shower as part of your regular cleansing and toning routine.

Creative Nature, believe products that claim to be healthy, should also be tasty. Why have a healthy diet if you’re just not going to enjoy yourself! It’s the same for ‘free from’ products, just because it doesn’t have gluten, dairy, nuts or sweeteners in, doesn’t mean it has to be free from flavour. The newest addition to their best-selling, award winning Baking Mix Range! After hearing so much positive feedback on their Brownie, Banana Bread and Muffin Mixes, they thought it was time to expand the range and develop something new! So they took the classic chocolate cake recipe, and made it 10 x better! This brand new mix is their most versatile recipe yet… just add 2 ingredients: your favourite milk, and your favourite oil, it really is that simple!

Even better – this mix totally Safe from Gluten, Dairy, Wheat and Nuts. So if you are looking for an easy, mess free and delicious recipe that can cater for everyone at the party, this one is for you!

Don’t forget to cook your mum a delicious treat or their favourite meal too and make them feel super special this Mother’s day!

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