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Well as you know I have been single for quite some time and have had mixed experiences with my forays into the dating world. Lately I have been lucky enough to hit gold but that’s an entire other post. Watch this space ! Whilst recently chatting to my friends, mum and sister about dating we realised how everyone has a funny story or disastrous date, a broken heart or just a dream that didn’t come true and it’s these experiences that allows us to join together in sympathy or joy to celebrate or commiserate depending which is appropriate for the occasion.  My mother was telling my sister and I how different she feels things are nowadays and how much more difficult it has become with the advent of social media and online dating sites.A lot of the mystery and intrigue, the waiting by the phone or passing messages through friends has gone.All that took time and was a slow gradual build up to get to know one another and the direction the relationship was taking.

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Nowadays of course, everything is fast with access at all times via mobile phones and social media with the sender even being able to see if the message has been received and read.There is nothing to hide behind anymore  so if a message goes unread or unreplied to or a phone goes unanswered there is the temptation to think the worst i.e that the other person has lost interest or changed their mind and the whole woman sat typing on a laptpdating world gets more fraught with anxiety instead of delicious anticipation.

Obviously with progress comes positive things to and as we all thought it has become easier in some ways for the not so conventional relationships to exist.  My mum has a partner 20 years younger than herself that she’s been with for 10 years now. They met online racking up huge amounts of time chatting and texting before they met.As mum says a few years earlier and it would have been frowned upon to meet someone this way and she certainly would have been thought poorly of for dating a much younger man, although obviously sugar daddy’s were allowed!!  With time and progress has come equality and nowadays whether it’s for a long term relationship or a bit of cougar fun, things are a lot more relaxed. Like the general population have regular dating sites there are even dates specialising in ladies who like a younger man or the younger man who likes a mature and experienced lady to wine and dine. If you or someone you know is interested in this type of dating site click here   for more information of what’s available or visit website for mature dating. a man in a shirt texting on a phone

We also decided during our session of putting the world to rights, dating, men and social media that the most important thing in the modern dating world is safety. I shudder to hear of women meeting men on their own in private places like a house or car thinking they must be ok as they’ve been chatting to them for a couple of weeks. On my various dating experiences with the online dating world I had it drummed into me by my family and some friends to always be safe. We would meet in public places with plenty of people around.  I would always carry a phone with me and have a back up plan if I needed to get out fast ( believe me it’s happened ). On one date my step dad was in the bar across the road from the restaurant the entire time and thank goodness he was as i’d inadvertently stumbled on a man who just wanted a grope and wasn’t afraid to try for it on the very first date during dinner. Luckily not all my experiences have been like that but in each case until i felt confident of the person I was with I was very careful of my personal safety.

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There are  many dating sites out there and some are expensive whilst others are free.I would say you get what you pay for but i was recently given the address for a free site and I have to say my online dating experience has improved on this site one hundredfold. If you’d like a try click  and have  a browse.  I’ve been fortunate enough that my dating life has gone from zero to a hundred in the space of two weeks and for those that follow me on Instagram you’ll know that my smile is literally from ear to ear and honestly – it’s about time. As I said though, that is a whole other post, so in the meantime… Happy Dating!

*This is a collaborative post.

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