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7th June 2018
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8th June 2018
Those who know me will know that I have been contemplating getting back into the dating game again. I have been out of it for so long now that it is so very hard to take that initial step back into that somewhat murky water. One thing that fills me with dread is the actual first meeting of that person. You can share all the pictures that you like but we often lie, embellish, filter the picture in order to appear at our best which is not necessarily all that accurate in the end. I also swore that after my experiences with online dating, I really wasn’t sure I’d be going back to it again any time soon. However, when new app on the block Meetchu asked if I’d be willing to scope out their new dating app and have a look, curiosity got the better of me…

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So as I said, Meetchu is the new dating app on the scene but this was has a huge difference or I should say differences is as there are several new key features. As I said, one of the main things about online dating that I wasn’t keen on was the first actual meeting. You woman's hand holding a blank screened phone with painted nailsseriously cannot get the real gist of people from a photo and text speak and that is where Meetchu really have upped the dating app game.

One of their amazing features is that in an “instastories-esque” kind of way people can have video profiles! I think this is one of the best ideas I have ever heard of. Not only can you show the real you and what you are really like but you can also see what they are really like too.

Another great feature is that unlike any other dating app I have seen or tried, Meetchu also has secure voice and video calling which means you can virtually meet someone from the comfort of your own home WITHOUT having to give out your mobile number which if you’re like me you guard with your life. I also like the fact I could be sat in comfortable pajama bottoms, whilst obviously looking totally ravishing up top and meeting someone on video chat. Still nerve wracking but much less so than an in person meet up straight off the bat!

Obviously they also offer the standard messaging but you can not only send the standard emojis and textual messages but also photos, videos and animated emojis too! Have no fear….sent something you didn’t mean to?! You will also have the ability to instantly delete photos, videos and messages from the receivers phone at any time!


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Speaking from the perspective of someone who has used ALOT if not ALL dating apps out there (actually there is one I could never bring myself to use) I think Meetchu adds some much needed features for the future of dating. I do think that people will possibly misuse these features, in particular the video messaging but then this is true of any app where some people join looking purely for one thing! However, for someone who suffers the most horrific nerves when dating but actively uses video updates in day to day life this app sounds perfect for me and when I am ready to date I will be diving right in!

You can download the app here AND get a ONE MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP…FREE!

Currently only available in iOs in the UK.

*This is a collaborative post


  1. I can definitely understand how daunting dating can be, especially as a parent. There seems to be lots of great features here to make the experience better and safer. I love the instavideo style options to make sure they are who they say they are. Good luck with your dating journey

  2. Ooh this sounds promising. Much easier to have video as people can’t fake what they look like so that’s a good start. Plus having the instastories style is good to get an idea of someone and any possible connection quickly. Keep us updated!

  3. This does sound like an update of the traditional dating apps . Being able to chat without giving your number sounds fab as well as being able to delete sent things!!
    Good luck when you decide to get back into it

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