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19th April 2018
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20th April 2018

Meegos – The New Collectible Helping Families

I’ve mentioned several times in the past about how much Alyssa loves collectibles. Particularly figurines and has so many of them that she can often be seen carrying them around in a special bag or carry case! So when we found out there was a new collectible in town we were keen to check it out. Meegos are cuddly crochet friends for you and your little ones to collect. We received a couple from Series 1 to have a play with…

There are 6 different 5″ Meegos Dogs to collect and 12 of the 2″ Meegos Pups to collect. There are also some limited edition ones so be sure to watch out for those. The fun doesn’t stop at collecting either – you can match your Meegos with their minis to fill up your family tree and uncover all their personalities online at mymeegos.com All of the minis are individually boxed so it will be a surprise each time you get one!

The larger Meegos come with names and the gorgeous grey and white dog that we received was called Meadow and had a full body, heads and legs. The little mini pups are more like balls with little ears and legs coming off of them. However, they are all equally cute and gorgeous and Alyssa was ecstatic when she saw them. She really enjoyed opening each box to see what was inside and made lots of ooh and aah noises when each one was different. She was especially pleased to get a Dalmatian as we have watched the Disney movie.

What is even better about these Meegos is that they are helping families. Each Meegos character is handmade (can you imagine – I can’t crochet for toffee!!) in Bangladesh through a workers co-operative and is making a huge difference. Thanks to the Meegos, over 200 villages now have sustainable, regular and flexible employment making a huge difference to lives there. Each Dog takes 5 hours to make and each mini 1.2 hours – the first order of Meegos created jobs for over 4000 women – I think I speak for a lot of us here when I say… HELL YEAH!

This amazing collection have already hit the shelves of select Sainsburys and Debenhams stores so be sure to go and start your collection and register for your family tree on mymeegos.com. I have even better news… Series 2 featuring Wild Animals will be available later this year too! Every time you buy one, just think how much you’re helping thousands of women and their families!
*We were sent the Meegos for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.

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