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17th June 2019
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Making Sure the Elderly Keep Their Independence

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When age starts to takeover, we find that we generally need to rely on family and friends to help us get by. There are, however, ways that we can ensure that the elderly are still able to keep their independence. Not only taking the weight off them, but also their carers.
Different methods have been put in place to ensure that this can still happen. We’re going to guide you through some of these in today’s blog. So, if you have an elderly family member or friend then this could be of massive help for them. Not only giving them some independence, but also meaning you don’t have that constant worry for their safety when they go out.


Wheelchairs have been specifically created to provide support for those who have trouble getting around and doing day to day task. There are certain wheelchairs that can be pushed independently by the user. These range from self-propelled wheelchairs, to the higher end and slightly more expensive electric wheelchairs.

They take the weight off the users feet and allow them to complete day to day tasks like going to the shops without the worry of having to call a carer to take them. At Fenetic Wellbeing, there’s a great range of wheelchairs available that are both incredibly useable but also very transportable.

Mobility Scooters

These are more ideal if you’re needing mobility support for longer haul journeys. You can even get a mobility scooter that’s road legal if that’s something you’re looking for, and they can be used on roads in a similar fashion to road bikes.

There are plenty of options available to suit the needs of all users. There are transportable options like the lightweight mobility scooter. Mid range mobility scooters have a better battery life if you’re planning on taking longer trips or for days out. Then the road legal scooters have even further extended battery life and are incredibly durable for all terrains.

Walking Aids

As the name suggests, walking aids quite simply aid the user whilst walking. This takes some pressure and pain relief for the joints. It also provides the user with a sense of safety, providing additional support and stability.

There’s plenty of options to choose from, with Zimmer Frames generally being a very popular option. Rollators also have wheeled support, so if you struggle to lift a Zimmer Frame, they can be pushed along instead.

There are walking frames to suit all shapes and sizes, and they can take a lot of pressure off you when walking on tough to handle terrains.

So, you can see there a loads of options to ensure that the elderly can keep their independence when it may seem like that independence has gone. The hardest part of growing old can be that reliance on other people, so take the strain off and invest in their independent future!


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