If you follow my blog you will know that we actually live in a rented house (because who on earth can afford to buy these days??!) and whilst I’d love my own home we have to make do with what keeps a roof over our heads don’t we. One thing I dislike about rented is that it can often feel like the house isn’t your home as you are restricted with what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorating. Fortunately for us we do have a very relaxed landlord who has given us pretty much free reign to do as we’d like so I cannot complain at all. However, a lot of people aren’t so lucky and can only make minimal changes and when they move out, often have to rectify these changes and restore the property to it’s original condition (sometimes easier said than done!!) A simple and effective way to make your mark without making actual marks would be to dress your walls with various pictures and prints. When Desenio asked if I’d like to work with them I was delighted to have the opportunity to add some character to our walls…

In case you haven’t heard of them, Desenio is an online retailer of prints and frames in a nutshell. You can go onto their website, search through all their different categories of prints, select the size you’d like and also buy a matching frame to go with it. The prints come on good quality paper/card and are delivered flat-packed so if buying without the frames then they’d quite easily fit through your letter box too depending on the size you have ordered. The frames come safely wrapped with a protective film on both sides of the glass panel to protect it from breaking.

Not only do they sell prints and frames but they also sell the accessories you need to display them well too! They have wall clips, hangers and even picture ledges which are like small thin shelves you put up to lean pictures on. As they are prints on card, they also sell washi tape so that they can be stuck to walls in an artistic way too. The possibilities are endless. From a bloggers point of view as well, this site is perfect for getting prints, frames and washi tape to use in flat lays for blog posts and Instagram as they are really low in cost but good quality too. 

As you know, my mum’s partner is referred to as Bear and so often we refer to my mum as Mrs Bear so when I came across this picture, Bears on Bike poster, I had to choose it as it’s like it’s them and we have now hung it on the wall between their two computer desks. I chose a black wooden frame as it complements the colours of the room.

I also wanted to choose some wall art for Alyssa’s room as apart from a pretty design of her name, her walls are quite blank, so I chose these positive affirmations to hang over her bed – Shine Little Star Poster and also Grow Up Pink Poster . The name print she has is quite large so I chose the prints in a small form so as not to over power the walls and chose white frames so that they’d  blend in well with the pink walls and already existing white frame. I liked that some of the wording was in pink and in a matching shade to her walls to which was perfect.

Overall, I was so pleased with the products and service provided by Desenio. They make it incredibly easy to shop by having frame suggestions underneath the picture/print/poster you are ordering and automatically they appear in the correct size so I wasn’t panicking as to whether or not I’d bought a frame that matched my posters. The choice is massive and there was literally something for everyone I know on there and several prints I would adore for myself – I’ll be heading back there when I finally finish decorating my room especially as they offer copper frames too which would match my decor perfectly. I’d definitely recommend Desenio for great service, easy to use quality products at really good prices!

The code “mummyinatutu” gives 25% off posters* between 6th March – 8th March!

*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames
**This is a collaborative post.

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