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19th February 2018
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21st February 2018
Things have changed so much over the last few decades or even few years. The childhood that I had was not the one my mother had and sadly the childhood I had will not be the one my daughter has. We are becoming increasingly wary (and more often than not rightly so) when allowing our children the freedom to do things we as children did ourselves. Simple things like playing out of doors with friends, going to the shop by themselves when old or enough or finally being allowed to stay home alone. Honestly, all those things seem like great terrors to me at the moment which is sad really – shouldn’t we feel safe in our own homes?! One suggestion for feeling more secure in our homes, is the introduction of technology to enhance the safety features of your house. It is definitely something I am thinking about not just for Alyssa but also to help with life and making things a little easier and so I thought I’d look into a few options…

Deterring Intruders

There are a number of different ways that smart devices can be used to help deter any unwanted visitors that perhaps a “Beware our dog woman's hand holding a blank screened phone with painted nailsbites” sticker will no longer do. If, for example, you were to get yourself a Google Home device, you can actually use the app to sync the Google Home to lights or other security settings in your house. If you happen to be arriving home later than expected, you could simply tell Google to turn the lights on so it looks like someone is home (Can she cook the dinner too?!)

Another great device, which hasn’t long been on the market, are those new doorbells that have a video camera inside that syncs the feed to your phone so when someone rings the bell of your house, your phone instantly shows you who’s at the other end and you can talk to them like an intercom (have you seen the advert where the guy pretends to be a window cleaner?!)

a hand holding a fork pressing down on biscuit dough on a baking traySafety From the Inside Out

Continuing on with products like the Google Home, it can be put to a number of uses inside the home to ensure things remain safe on the inside too. Alyssa and I do A LOT of baking but she is not very good at the part where she has to wait for them to cook and so we will often need to do another activity whilst we are waiting. Having the Google Home to set a timer on that rings continually until I stop it is really useful as before we had one there were definitely a couple of near misses and biscuits that SHOULD NOT have been glowing in the middle.

Another feature of devices like Google Home, Alexa or any one of this family is that you can place the various devices and receptors in different parts of the house to stay in contact with people. For example, if you have a 3-story house and sleep on the top floor but have an elderly relative living in an Annex on the ground floor and they should fall, all they’d need to do would be to say “Hey Google, tell Google Bedroom I have fallen over!” They don’t need to try and move or get anywhere or in a reverse situation you could merely pop a message down and inquire if they are okay.

I definitely think there is a lot of room in the home for smart devices that would make a home safer and more secure. Unfortunately we are living in times where there is a lot of anger and a lot of desperation and both of these things can cause people to do some terrible things so we should definitely think about whether or not we are prepared for them. Looking at some of the attacks in the past year, you just never know when things are going to happen so better to be safe than sorry!

More Than are running a campaign “How a Smart Home is a Safer Home” if you’d like some more ideas on making your home safe!

*We were sent a Google Home for the purposes of a review – all opinions are my own


  1. In our last home we had a front door camera and speaker and it really helped me feel safer. I think devices can truly help us feel safer, my eldest will be 14 in May and has started riding her bike around the neighbourhood a little bit or walking on elf our dogs up and down our street, I always feel a little nervous but I want her to develop a sense of her own about the world, not scare her and lock her up. It is tricky though.

  2. Lucy At Home says:

    My hubby is on a mission to turn our house into a smart home! So far, the TV is voice-activated, we can search google just by speaking to our speaker, and we can play music in any room in the house. We don’t have any “smart” security features yet but they’re next on the list! Haha #ablogginggoodtime

  3. I never knew the google home device could adjust the lights. That’s really cool.

  4. Smart technology is amazing, I would love one of those doorbells! I’d definitely be able to make good use of a Google Home; so often I want to set timers or google things hands free when I’m busy with my toddler! #ABloggingGoodTime

  5. My brother works for an alarm company and they are expanding so much due to such a drive. It is so sad. #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Tubbs says:

    I didn’t know that there were smart devices that did all these things. I’m slightly weary of them as they’re not completely hack-proof and the thought that someone could see how we live just freaks me out!

  7. Sophie says:

    I’m not sure about all these smart devices…I mean if you had asked a decade ago if we would have such gadgets to control our home, I would have laughed and asked ‘why?’ Do I need a device to turn on my dishwasher when I have hands?” However, now I’m so into these devices and I love that we can ask Alexa things! Oh how times change! Lovely review. #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Sophie says:

    I reread my reply and thought what?? What I meant was I now would love more smart devices whereas at first I was unsure……

  9. Technology is coming on so far, i do wonder about the video doorbells though. But i am sure technology will be used so much more to make us feel safer in many ways #ablogginggoodtime

  10. There are such wonderful things here but I’m a little crazed out by thinking about robots. OK they are called smart devices but… God I’m so old… haha xx

  11. Michelle says:

    I just bought an Alexa yesterday and I live in a two bedroom apartment. My neighborhood is pretty safe but I like that I have the dog barking skill added to the device. I also love the alarm setting and timers. I’m still figuring it out though but so far I’m really loving it. The safety features are such a plus this day in age. #ABloggingGoodTime

  12. We jsut moved into a smart home, and we are trying to navigate all of the amazing things it does for us, with us, and while we are out. I love hoe you mentioned GOOGLE as a she! I also think every day how as a kid, I would be biking with my friends until I heard my dad whistle for dinner. Morning until night! Gone all day, outdoors, without a worry or a care. I miss those days. #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

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