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Make Your Online Shopping More Eco-Friendly

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Online shopping has changed the way we shop, offering masses of stores at the click of a button. In the decade where online shopping has become easier than ever, many of use this to our advantage. Whether we live somewhere with a lack of shops, can’t deal with going to the rammed supermarket with the kids in tow or we just prefer the selection online. We love online shopping but with an environmental crisis on the horizon and many of us want to make changes to our lives to support change, so how can we shop online and still save the planet?

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Make conscious delivery decisions

When we shop online most of us begrudge paying for delivery, especially when we’ve got a bargain. So why not find an alternative solution? With secure lockers popping up around the country, using one of these can be a great way to save fuel as it is usually a mass drop off.

If shopping online on a site such as Morrisons, you’re usually greeted with a delivery slot page, on Morrisons it actually makes you aware of if there is another shop in your area around a similar time, by picking this instead of another one, it will again save on fuel and you still get your shopping to your door with ease.

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Buy from a small business

If you like shopping online but want to shop at more ethically conscious places, why not check out a small business on a site such as Etsy. By shopping small, the owner is much more likely to take care of the packaging experience. With lots of small businesses choosing eco-friendly packaging over plastic, this can be a great way to shop small and also banish plastic from your online shop.

Lil Packaging offers a number of plastic-free packaging solutions on a budget and even large companies are making the change. With self-sealable packaging which is secure and just as reasonably well priced as plastic options more of us are turning to Lil Packaging.

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Read up on their ethos

If you’re looking to buy from a large store, you can often find their ethical policies online. Lots of these include information on where they stand on issues such as global warming and eco-friendly choices also changes they are looking to make. Companies such as Boots and Hotel Chocolat are already game-changers in the business, both looking to remove all plastic from their own branded products. With both already making huge steps in this direction. When buying from a site, it’s always good to look into their ethics before purchasing.


We hope you’ve found these tips useful and if you have any other ideas on how to make your shopping more eco-friendly feel free to let us know in the comments.

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