For All You Do…. #GiftToFamily
21st December 2016
A Season’s Wish…
21st December 2016
Do you know what I really love? One of those one stop shops that literally has everything you could possibly need in it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas shopping but it can get bloody exhausting running round all the shops and dipping in and out with growing armfuls of bags as well as a pram, so in particular at Christmas, I love being able to go into one shop and get several of the bits I need all at once. One such shop has to be the The Works and I have to say that I have been a customer of theirs for years because not only do I love the great deals they have on books but they do great gifts for the whole family. This Christmas, I have teamed up with them and they have asked me to pick out some of my favourite items that you could also be buying for your loved ones this year…

harry potter trivial pursuit a little library collection of books beatrix potter books and storage cases a lightbox and a snow globe making kit

Whether you visit the store or hop online The Works definitely has a whole host of things that you will want for Christmas wiharry potter trivial pursuitth everything from craft supplies to books, board games to calendars and Christmas wrapping supplies too!


Now, we love a good a good board game in this house and it is mandatory that everyone drop what they are doing and play at least one game all together and then we often break off into smaller groups to play separate games. However, I reckon I am going to have everyone round the table for hours with this Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit!! I am such a huge fan of Harry Potter as is my nephew Rowan and I bagged this for only £10 and it is going to make a great present for him this year!

collection of little baby booksI actually got this last year for Alyssa but could not resist picking it up again this year for my gorgeous little niece Lily. It is such a wonderful collection of hard-wearing little books  that will help any little one start learning all sorts of different words from food to feelings to weather and more. A definite must buy for your bookaholics this Christmas!
how to make snow globes kit
Each year on Christmas Eve I usually try and find activities to do with the kids because it can be a hard day for them – adults are either having fun or prepping for the big day and it is so close but not quite here so the kids are desperate to just get to bed and get their presents. So, I thought this Make Your Own Snow Domes kit would be perfect to do with them. I can help Alyssa and Rowan will probably manage his own and it will be a good activity that will keep us all busy for quite a while… in between tracking Santa on NORAD of course!

beatrix Potter books and storage cases So here is one for my gorgeous little princess. I love Beatrix Potter and all the old stories so this collection of books is brilliant – plus it comes with storage cases too! Alyssa has a memory box for every special occasion – baby shower, birth, first Christmas, first birthday and these will be perfect and beautiful for making new memory boxes in! Great for Alyssa and great for Mummy too!


a light box with coloured letters

I know I know… the mummy in me said ” Now don’t buy yourself anything as you’re meant to be buying Christmas presents” but unfortunately the blogger inside me won and I could not resist grabbing this awesome lightbox!! I have wanted one for so long and this one comes with coloured letters as well as black and white and lots of symbols too…. Merry Christmas to me!!




I could literally have spent all day and a hell of a lot of money in The Works and come out with something to please everyone this Christmas…. but that would have been one seriously long blog post! As it happens, I was quite restrained but I am not above encouraging and there is no need for you to be restrained so why not head on over to their website or your nearest store and not only grab some great gifts but some damn good bargains too!

Merry Christmas!

Visit TheWorks.Co.Uk

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