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21st December 2016
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21st December 2016

Lovin’ The Sales…

I like to go completely overboard at Christmas – I can’t help it I swear! If you ever lose your Christmas cheer chances are I’ve probably picked it up as I seriously have enough cheer to light the Northern Hemisphere when it comes to my favourite time of the year. The second it hits November, I am looking for presents for people and when it turns to December, the decorations come out and I love nothing more than dashing around all over the place with my mum getting everything ready. This year I have to say that I am pretty organised and managed to come in well under budget and there is one reason for both of these and that is Love The Sales

That’s right I have managed to do a lot of my shopping all in one place aaaannnndddd if you all promise to keep it a secret I’m going to share some of the great deals that I managed to bag with you!!

Obviously I had to start with my little cutie pie and given how much she loves role play and chattering away to herself she is going to absolutely love this Disney Tea Trolley… and it’s pink!!

Next up is this gorgeously soft jumper from Topman for Alyssa’s Daddy (because I am nice like that!!) Such great quality and perfect with the colder weather finally arriving too – don’t want him catching cold now do we!

Next up and I have to say the BIGGEST bargain of all was these amazing shoes from Firetrap for my brother – they were meant to be £90 and I paid less than a third of that. My brother in law likes Converse so I grabbed him some of their shoes though I could have chosen anything from their range as it’s all available at great prices.


Next up has to of course be my gorgeous nephew Rowan who is superhero and Marvel obsessed so imagine my happiness when I found these two cool (I’m told that is still an okay adjective to use) t-shirts that I just know he is going to love – cheap as chips too but still great quality!




Finally, I could not miss out my lovely sister in law Vicky who is such an outdoors girl (back on a horse 6 weeks having Lily!!!) and this lovely long cardigan is going to keep her warm as it has a beautifully knitted outer lining and inside is all warm, soft fleece!! She is going to love it for sure!

I definitely have a lot to say thank you for to Love The Sales who really sorted me out with some amazing pressies to give this year at a fraction of the high street cost. If you haven’t grabbed everything you need yet for Christmas this year or have any other occasion, don’t forget to head on over and see what bargains you can bag!!

Merry Christmas!


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