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21st January 2020
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Vegetarian Romantic Meal Ideas

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.
I have not had many Valentines days being part of a couple which is quite an achievement for a thirty something year old. However, this will be my second with Mr Tutu and the likelihood is that we will be at home together. I have no problem with that at all as my clubbing days are well and truly over and I personally am not willing to impose on grandparents to babysit who might also want to spend it together. A cosy night in is a great way to spend Valentines Day and my normal plan whether I am with a partner or not. It is super tempting to order a takeaway so that we can both relax but actually I really enjoy cooking for my partner and take great pleasure in watching him enjoy the food I have prepared. I thought some of you might be in the same boat, so I rustled up some great ideas for what to cook for a romantic vegetarian meal, whether it is Valentines day or not!

Whether is is something savoury and cheesy or something sweet and gooey there is bound to be something you will all enjoy and you’ll only need to get a few bits. Popping to somewhere like Poundland or B&M can get you some great decorations or why not grab something from this chocolate moulds supplier to really boost the look of your desserts. Here are my menu suggestions;


1. Sundried Tomato Kebabs

Sometimes we worry abouta bowl of different types of tomato being too prim and proper but I think that finger food can be quite romantic and almost erotic (steady!!) at times so these are the perfect way to kick off your meal and also can be ready in minutes with little to no work at all!

2. Brie En Croute

I adore cheese, and I know a lot of you do too. So why not enjoy this ooey gooey liquid Brie with some flaky pastry and a nice crisp salad garnish. You can make it to share as well! Or simply bake a camembert and get some crusty bread to dunk in…whatever gooey cheese works for you.

3.Stuffed Mushroom Bruschettas

Having lived in Italy for 3 years, I adore the food and this bruschetta with mushrooms and goats cheese just ticks every box for me!! The big mushrooms cook to a moist meatiness under their cloak of peppers and melting goat’s cheese, a veggie dish anyone will enjoy


1. Shallot Tarte Tatina pile of mushrooms on a chopping board

If you are having a romantic meal, you do not want to spend all evening in the kitchen. This lovely tart can be made earlier in the day and then just popped in the oven. Serve it with some Dauphinoise Potatoes and Asparagus spears and that is one delicious meal! You won’t believe it…but this one is actually Vegan!

2. Meaty Mushroom Burger

Okay, so this may not sound very romantic, but again… it’s finger food! If you feel really at home with your valentine then why not make these super delicious burgers served with sweet potato fries and onion rings or salad! Sometimes you just can’t beat a good burger!

3. Beef Bourguignon 

That’s right, you read that right. This veggie version of a French classic is delicious and hearty and also a one pot wonder. Chuck everything in, leave it all day and come back to a delicious dinner and minimal washing up…though be sure to make him do that!


1. Rich Chocolate Mousse Cake

For me, a chocolate dessert will always be a winner when you think romance. This light spongy mousse cake will melt in the mouth.

2. Black Forest Cheesecake

I love cheesecake…actually I love desserts! This one is super easy, can be made in advance and has a great flavour! Plus, unless you make individual ones, there will be some leftover for the next day (or a quick taste test before the meal he he he)

3. Cremé Bruleé

A complete classic and if you think you are going to feel full towards the end of your meal, why not finish off with these individual creamy desserts. Make me one too won’t you?

So there you have it! None of them are too complicated but they are all guaranteed yuminess that’s for sure. How about you? What are you cooking this V-Day or are you heading out?!

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