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6th June 2019
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Recipe: Mushroom Pate
12th June 2019

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review

*Ad Gifted. All opinions are our own.
Alyssa is very much a mix of girly girly and complete tomboy. One minute she is rolling around in the mud and the next minute she is in her room applying make-up to herself and any surface within reach. Until recently when visiting festivals and events, she was always a little wary when it came to having her face-painted. Then I went to a local festival and got glittered and the rest is history. Little Brian sent us a pack of their Face Paint Sticks to try out and she really couldn’t wait for us to review them!

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks are exactly what they sound like – they are a set of, for want of a better description, 12 push-up crayons that are in-fact face paints. They come with the whole rainbow as well as a comprehensive little booklet which gives you very clear instructions on a step-by-step guide to creating lots of different faces from lions and tigers to dinosaurs and unicorns. Of course, provided you have the imagination to go with it you can literally create anything.

We decided to have a go at a couple of faces and obviously I let madam choose which meant she decided to go for the super girly unicorn and also the butterfly which we adapted slightly to use the colours she had requested.

Pink Quartz Tiara is by Kerrie Davis Jewellery.

As you can see she went for the same colour palette both times but the girl loves pink so what you gonna do? However, I did try out some other colours on her little friends when we tried a dinosaur and a blue and green fairy too! I also added some glitter because what would life be without glitter, but this does not come with the paints.

So, what did we think? The paints provide good coverage, including the white and if you let the paints dry you can quite easily, go over the top with other colours. The only thing I will say is that they are quite chunky which is great for covering big areas but less so for the finer details. However, I simply grabbed a small make-up brush, dampened the end and wiped it along the tips of the pens to get in closer for the finer details. I didn’t have to of course… I’m just a bit of a perfectionist even if I wasn’t that great!

I’d really recommend the Little Brian Face Paint Sticks for quick and easy use and can imagine they’d be great to store for a rainy day activity or on a play date or even for a kids party! You can buy them from Smyths Toy Store.

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