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Lite Brite Classic Kids Toy Review

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.

Alyssa is a very creative child. If she is not singing and dancing she is colouring, gluing or glittering something and has recently started making her own doll clothes about of paper – it is interesting to say the least. So when offered the chance to review the classic kids toy Lite Brite that is making a huge come-back, we couldn’t resist.

Lite Brite is a toy that many of us of a certain age might remember from our own childhoods. It was originally launched in 1967 and it was and still is a light box with a set of small coloured plastic pegs that fit into holes in the box. With a flick of a switch, the light box illuminates to create a lit picture. You can use one of the templates included in the set or create your own design from your imagination.

I specifically remember my nanny having one at her house and I was always so excited to play with it – of course I now also have a lightbox where I put up messages to motivate me, so in some way my memories of Lite Brite have remained with me.

The newly designed Lite-Brite is now brighter than ever with a bigger screen, more templates and more pegs too. Using the backlit screen and translucent colourful pegs, you can create anything from a sailboat or mountain to flowers, elephants and unicorns. Once you’ve completed your design there are four different light shows to have fun with; blinking, pulsing, steady and random.

here are now handy Mini Lite-Brite sets, which are perfect travel-sized ones (ideal for our recent caravan holiday). You could create a picture on the bigger for kids to recreate on the smaller versions or pop the travel-sized ones in your hand luggage or suitcase. They are small enough to carry about and provide endless fun during any delayed journeys or rainy holidays!

The Light Brite Classic has bigger pegs than the mini, which are easy to move about and plug in. The small holes that you are putting them plugs into re-close on the Lite Brite Classic and Mini, so pulling them back out won’t leave a bright, white hole when the light is turned on.

The Basic Fun Lite Brite Ultimate Classic is suitable for ages 4+ and costs around £17.99. It is currently available from a wide range of retailers including John Lewis.

You can find both the Lite Brite Classic and Mini at John Lewis and other toy providers.

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