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8th May 2017
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#LionessMama Week 23 Round-Up!

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So here we are, back again for another #lionessmama instagram community round-up and we hope you are all well. It seems hard to believe that we are entering our 22nd week of this wonderful community as it feels like we’ve always had it but at the same time I’m like – we’re on week 22 already! We had some new faces join us this week and our little community is growing ever bigger and stronger. For those newbies let me tell you that we are all #lionessmama ‘s whether we have a full face of make-up or that just gotten out of bed look – it doesn’t matter! This community is for any image; big or small, perfect or flawed. This week I have just noticed, we are almost at 7000 (!!!!!) link-ups and we couldn’t be more chuffed! We love being a part of your world so thank you for letting us in…

Firstly, I need to catch you up on what has been happening. Our lovely Jade is a bit poorly at the moment so she is taking a bit of time out to get a good rest so that she can come back fighting fit. Whilst she is chilling out (if you’re reading this go have a hot bath or something woman!!) the wonderful Bridie from Bridie By The Sea is stepping in as temporary co-host with me. She has the most amazing instagram feeds and is one of my best blogging buddies so I am super excited to have her on board and cannot thank her enough for helping out!

This week both Bridie and I both seem to have gone for a theme of faces for this round-up and my first one comes from Whinge Whinge Wine. Look at this beautiful superhero princess in the tree waiting to rescue the next prince in distress – her face is pure joy and happiness!

Bridie’s first choice comes from This Glorious Life – her little one is up high and looking down and looks a little mischievous! I wonder what she is planning whilst she is up there!

My second pick comes from Life With A  Jude – what a face! Someone has either really shocked her by what they’ve said or perhaps whatever she is eating turned out to be really sour?! Whatever is going on it’s a great capture!

Bridie’s next pick comes from Grumpy Mum Reviews – this one is learning to multi-task young obviously because something has caught her eye but she is still trying to get that first bite of toast in… brilliant!

For my next shot we’re heading over to Little Paper Swan – I always love this lady’s Instagram feed and this is yet another gorgeous shot. How much fun does she look like she’s having under the sheet with her mama and those eyes just melt me!

Next from Bridie we are over at Messy Wawa and we are in the bath having a splashing good time with this munchkin who is sticking his tongue out as a break from playing with kitchen utensils in the bath… as you do!

My final pick from all the amazing pictures linked, comes from Franhigman and this gorgeous little Miss – look at the pout on this one?! She looks totally unimpressed dot com!

Bridie’s final choice comes from Real Mum Reviews – this is a really up close shot which I think makes it even more amazing because look at those lashes and eyes! Such a little beauty!

Lastly, comes my pick from the wonderful Bridie by the Sea – I love watching Emma’s adventures on Instagram and can see how quickly she’s growing up. This shot is from her birthday and I just adore the wonder in her face here!

Thank you to everyone who joined in this week, as I said we have loved peeking into your world. Don’t forget to add the #lionessmama to all your photos and we look forward to seeing you all next week!

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