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26th March 2017
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29th March 2017

#LionessMama Week 20 Round-Up!

So here we are, back again for another #lionessmama instagram community round-up and we hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!. It seems hard to believe that we are entering our 20th week of this wonderful community as it feels like we’ve always had it but at the same time I’m like – we’re on week 10 already! We had some new faces join us this week and our little community is growing ever bigger and stronger. For those newbies let me tell you that we are all #lionessmama ‘s whether we have a full face of make-up or that just gotten out of bed look – it doesn’t matter! This community is for any image; big or small, perfect or flawed. This week I have just noticed, we are almost at 4000 (!!!!!) link-ups and we couldn’t be more chuffed! We love being a part of your world so thank you for letting us in…

Firstly, we need to say a huge apology for being absent for the past two weeks. Week One saw Jade’s laptop going in to the shop to have maintenance on it and last week saw my little bubba so poorly we thought we were heading to hospital. However, we are back and to make up for it, we have picked no less than TWELVE photos to feature this week to make up for our absence. So moving on….

This week I am all about the girls and have some amazing pics for you. First comes from 3 Little Buttons – look at this cutie. How beautiful is she?!

Jade’s gone for the boys this week to help us keep an even playing field here and her first post comes from Mama Willmot and her little sailor! All aboard maties!

My second pick comes from Whinge Whinge Wine – okay I know she jokes about her little ones being absolute monkeys but you could never believe it of this gorgeous little blond angel could you?!?

Jade’s next pick comes from Laura at Baby Kicks – look at her ferocious little lion. No wonder “The Parenting Jungle” couldn’t resist this shot!!

For my next shot we’re heading over to Mummy and the Mexicans – That looks like one awesome adventure she’s going on. Can we come too?

Next from Jade we’re over at Admissions of a Working Mum to bow down to the little King of Peppa Pig world. I say, he is rather dashing isn’t he?!

My next little piece of girl power comes from Run Jump Scrap – I mean how utterly adorable is this photo?! It was only this week that I wrote my own post on the importance of our cuddlies. Gorgeous.

The next choice from Jade is over at Bammboo Kids – This big brother is the best! Even though he’s a bit old for play-dough now he is happy to join in with his little sister for a trip down memory lane.

Next from me is over at Talking Mums – we have a very proud mummy of this beautiful one who is currently known as “Little Fish” because she is doing so well at her swimming. Well-done princess!

Next from Jade we have This Glorious Life – he is all snuggled up warm and concentrating hard because he is always out and about trying to catch those pesky Pokemon!! Well done dude.

My final pick from all the amazing pictures linked, comes from Sparkly Mummy – look at those curls! And that Bow! This is just adorable, cute, fluffy unicorns all rolled into one… with a bit of sparkle obviously!

Jade’s final choice comes from Milk and Nappies – a boy after my own heart. Who doesn’t love a giant pizza?! Is there any left for me??!

Lastly, comes my pick from the wonderful Jade – The Parenting Jungle’s link ups. It had to be this one because here I can see all the fierce cheekiness that I know he get’s from his brilliant mama!

Thank you to everyone who joined in this week, as I said we have loved peeking into your world. Don’t forget to add the #lionessmama to all your photos and we look forward to seeing you all next week!

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  1. What a gorgeous set of photos, and beautiful kids! I really love the lion! Thanks so much for featuring my photo, I feel honoured to be in such great company!!