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9th January 2017
Painting on a Smile
10th January 2017

#LionessMama Week 11 Round-Up!

So here we are, back again for another #lionessmama instagram community round-up and we hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!. It seems hard to believe that we are entering our 11th week of this wonderful community as it feels like we’ve always had it but at the same time I’m like – we’re on week 10 already! We had some new faces join us this week and our little community is growing ever bigger and stronger. For those newbies let me tell you that we are all #lionessmama ‘s whether we have a full face of make-up or that just gotten out of bed look – it doesn’t matter! This community is for any image; big or small, perfect or flawed. This week has been a massive week in our little community, we have gone over 1000 link-ups and actually have received almost 300 contributions this week alone and we couldn’t be more chuffed! We love being a part of your world so thank you for letting us in…

Here is my first one from Mudpie Fridays – Apparently this is the only picture she could get of the two little monkeys both looking at the camera and doing a similar face! I think it’s hilariously brilliant!

two children one big one small in matching pyjamas with their mouths open at the camera

Jade’s first pick comes from Devon Mama Online – just look at how snug and cute her little one is. Such a gorgeous shot…

little baby in a body carrier in a white coat and a knitted bear hat with ears

My second pick comes from the ever hilarious Whinge Whinge Wine – Look at that sweet and innocent chocolaty face!! I refuse to believe he then went and rubbed it over mummy’s new shirt…..

blonde haired boy looking at the camera with his mouth open and face covered in chocolate sat on brown sofa with blonde sibling in the background

Jade’s final pick comes from Island Living 365 – I love this picture from her Christmas adventures off the island… everyone looks like they are having a brilliant time!

woman holding a sausage dog cuddly toy and two little girls holding Union Jack flags smiling at the camera on top of an open air bus

Lastly, comes my pick from the wonderful Jade – The Parenting Jungle’s link ups. Look at the gorgeous grin her handsome prince is giving the camera – lovely!

blonde little boy hugging a tree and smiling at the camera

Thank you to everyone who joined in this week, as I said we have loved peeking into your world. Don’t forget to add the #lionessmama to all your photos and we look forward to seeing you all next week!

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  1. Oh they are rotters my two really make me work for photos!! Thanks so much for the mention xx

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