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8th October 2016
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10th October 2016

Let The Magic Begin…

picture of an open book with magic dancing above it
You have those moment when you are kid that you will always remember don’t you? I remember the feeling of walking into the living room on Christmas morning and the pure joy and excitement I felt at what I saw in front of me… and that was before anything had even been opened?! I remember getting on my first plane for my first trip abroad and how hot the sun was and how beautifully blue the water was. I can remember when I was 5 being taken to see my first Pantomime, Peter Pan and when all the fairies started dancing round and round on the ceiling I just breathed a “Wow, that’s magic!” As we grow up, we tend to lose a lot, if not all in some cases, of the magic we held so dearly in our hearts as children, but maybe we do not lose it, maybe we simply pass it along to the next generation. Thanks to Warner Bros. studio, I was able to give a little of my magic to my darling nephew Rowan…

Hogwarts model


A few weeks ago, Nonna (that’s my mum!) Rowan, Alyssa and I were invited to share the magic that is the “Harry Potter Studio Tour” and I think I may have done a little dance around the house at the time. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, having read each one of the books several times over, laughing and crying with each of the characters as they made their journey through each installment. Once the films came out, I enjoyed these too especially as they had some of my all-time favourite actors and actresses in it… Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Robbie Coltrane, Zoe Wannamaker…. I could go on but I am sure most of you know the cast list as well as me. Then of course came the newbie little actors no one had heard of who grew into Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Now, I had been fortunate enough to get studio tour tickets for my birthday 2 years previously, however that didn’t dull my excitement and rightly so as so much had changed since the last time I was there. We decided that, as it had been Rowan’s birthday, we could keep our destination secret (though bloody Sat Nav nearly ruined the surprise!!) and he spent a good two weeks guessing over and over and over again at what it could be… it was worth the secret because his gorgeous little face when we rocked up to the studio and he could see the giant screen grabs and the Warner Bros. and Harry Potter Signs on the side of the building!! The magical tour had begun…


harry potters hogwarts letter


It was a lot busier than the last time I had gone but then it was summer and peak season and to be honest a little queue is well worth what was inside. I think the staff do an excellent job of getting you very hyped up at the beginning when they are explaining everything to do with the studios. For me the first magical moment is when the door into Hogwarts appears (I am having to be really careful here not to do too many spoilers!! Due to the fact that it was Rowan’s birthday, he was allowed to open the doors to Hogwarts which he was very pleased about. I have to say that the staff were incredible throughout the tour as they kept spotting his badge and wishing him a Happy Birthday which was so lovely and made him feel very special. Why not take a look at our day below…



There were absolutely no low points as far as we were concerned – other than how empty our purses were after visiting the gift shop. It was a fantastic day and I think even Alyssa enjoyed it! We tried butterbeer, stood on the Hogwarts express and came face to face with the Dementors. It was a truly magical experience for us all… Thanks Warner Bros!!

If you and your family would like to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour then simply Visit Their Website to enjoy all the magic of Harry Potter too…


We were given tickets in exchange for this  review – all thoughts and opinions are my own!




  1. Suzanne says:

    OMG my husband and I had the best day of our lives when we went here after it had just opened (even better than our wedding day). I remember on the drive home we were both really bummed because it wasn’t real. Would love to go back when the Child is older.

  2. Jane Taylor says:

    I need to go! Still haven’t been. The kids are bigger fans than me though, so we all need to go!

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