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22nd May 2017
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29th May 2017
Do you remember a while ago now, I wrote a post about Alyssa and books called “She Won’t Let Me Read?!” I was so worried that she wasn’t interested in books at all and that she literally wanted to either chew them or throw them. It was probably more about me and the fact that I had day dreamed about snuggling up with my little one and reading stories to her and watching he imagination expand and go beyond it’s furthest reaches and with how she was responding to books, that day dream was slowly starting to go down the pan. I was left such lovely messages from readers telling me not to worry and that she would probably come to them in her own time, so I put the bigger, older and longer books away to be kept for that hopeful day and when setting out her toys, left a few simple picture books and character books and thought no more about it. Well blow me if those lovely readers weren’t right. It happened without me even realising, but suddenly I found little one climbing onto my lap with one or two of her little books and asking me to read them to her and so of course acting all cool and casual I would, pointing to things, doing voices that made her laugh, noises from the characters she would know and respond to and it just went from there. Now, that drawer that was closed with story books inside has been opened and slowly but surely we are going on longer and bigger adventures and the ones she loves most are all about her…

little girl back to camera with curly hair reading a book to teddy bears outside

I am a huge fan of personalised books for children as I really think it’s kind of a mind blowing moment for them when they think and realise that a book has been written especially for them and about them. They are such a huge tool for growing a child’s imagination – imagine hearing a story where you are the hero and go on adventures across the world… that must be so inspiring even at such a young age.

Books I have been a fan of right from the start are the Lost My Name books – absolutely brilliant stories where a child goes on a journey to find their name which of course turns out to be your child’s name. It was one of the first books Alyssa ever received and now that she is enjoying books with mama she is loving it too (also great for learning letters and spelling their names just FYI!)

A little while after this, we found out that Lost My Name created a second book in the series, “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home” in which your little one goes on a journey through space until they eventually end up at home…their ACTUAL HOME. One of the final pictures in the book is a sort of Google Earth map shot of their house. Such a wonderful idea as again it pushes the boundaries of their imagination whilst also keeping a feel of that old saying “there’s no place like home!”

Well we were very very excited to discover that Lost My Name has released a new book called “Kingdom of You” and we could not wait to get our copy of it. Once again you are able to personalise with your child’s name, choose an avatar of them and select a few options of things that they like such as pizza and princesses. It’s a story all about your child’s wishes coming true (such as endless amounts of pizza for example… okay that might be a little bit my wish too) in their own little kingdom. Each little one get’s three wishes and with lots of combinations to choose from you’re sure to be able to make a book that matches your little one’s personality. I have to say that the illustrations in this book are my favourite out of all of them so far – beautiful vibrant colours and characters right down to the tiniest detail. Of course like all the Lost My Name books you are also able to add your own personal message to your little one as a reminder of the occasion – whether that be a birthday or Christmas gift or just because.

I am so enjoying reading with my little one and enjoying watching her eyes dart across a page with fascination and her eagerness for the page to turn to find out what happens next. It almost makes me feel like a child myself again as I immerse myself in these wonderful worlds that have been created for my little one. Hats off to Lost My Name for another amazing book in their collection. We love all three of ours and look forward to another which I’m sure will not be far away.


This is a collaborative post – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Tubbs says:

    It’s strange sometimes how when you stop worrying about something, it just magically comes together. I’m glad that Alyssa is beginning to enjoy books 🙂

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