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18th July 2018
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19th July 2018
I look down at my little one who is about to turn another year older and I wonder what happened to my baby. Don’t get me wrong, I’m immensely proud of the fierce little lady she is becoming but I’m very much aware of how little my hand is reached for compared to mere months ago.
Not only that but she is physically growing to and is just shooting up so often looks so much older than she is despite still being my baby. However, all this growing has meant that she’s been in desperate need of a new car seat for sometime now. Her old one was fine for another year or so technically but with how much she moves and sometimes tries to get out, I wanted one with a bit more restraint, that will see her through a lot longer and with a bit more padding as her old one bruised her back really easily. Kiddies Kingdom got in touch and asked if we’d like to review one of their car seats so we decided to go for an Obaby seat and give it a go….

alyssa wearing sunglasses and sitting in the chair

The Kiddies Kingdom site has a number of seats to choose from which will take you all the way through from newborn to no longer needing a seat when they’re all grown. As I said, we decided to go for this Obaby 123 High-Back Booster Car Seat.
In case you were wondering it comes in all sorts of colours and patterns so will suit all tastes and personalities. Having such a girly girl we decided to go for the Summer Burst colours which are gorgeous and bright and have a floral pattern.

This seat has several features that are the reasoning behind us choosing this one. For starters, it has a lot of cushioning and padding which is essential as Alyssa marks really easily so we wanted something that was soft against her skin and it also has side impact protection as well.

There is an adjustable head support which we can change as she gets older and grows taller and arm rests which she likes to use when she’s awake but we cap lift up and away when she needs to get out. Another must for me was the 5 point harness system which not only straps down over both shoulders and up between the legs but also straps across the waist which he previous seat did not! I feel like she is much more secure and comfortable in this seat than her last one.

For those interested, this does just secure into any car seat using the standard seat belt which you thread through the back, plug in and tighten. Also, a lesser known fact about these seats, is that underneath the main seat, you can actually tilt the chair slightly back which is good for any little people who tend to doze in the car as they will be tilted back ever so slightly, making their bodies less inclined to loll forwards.

We have used the seat for over two weeks now and overall I am really impressed. The covers are all removable and washable, meaning after a rather unnecessary yogurt incident, I was able to take them in and wash them and they came out smelling super fresh. Alyssa does seem to really like her new seat and is happy and comfortable and as I said before, much more secure and unable to escape quite so easily.
This seat will last us now for several years which is great as my purse will be ever thankful for this. It still doesn’t have quite enough padding in the back for Alyssa not to mark but that is not a design fault, merely how my little one is. It is not causing her any pain or damage so it’s just something for now we’ll have to live with.

Great product and great value – I’d recommend shopping at Kiddies Kingdom for your Car Seat needs!

*We were sent the seat for the purposes of this review – all opinions are our own.

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  1. It’s so important to get the right seat.

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