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27th October 2017
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6th November 2017
Sorry but I am your stereotypical girl and I LOVE shopping. I haven’t always loved it and still have my moments when I wander into a shop and worry that they won’t have fat girl sizes and that nothing will fit even if they do or that what I do find makes me look like I am wearing a particularly drab circus tent. However, this Autumn I have actually really been enjoying it – I have mostly been shopping for Alyssa of course because I always get buyers guilt when buying stuff for myself but never for her so it’s just easier to fritter away my money on her. I have, however, made a few choice purchases for myself. The styles this season are gorgeous and luckily very flattering on us fuller figured models and one of the things I am so pleased to see in both adult and kids clothes is the return of Corduroy! Yup, it’s making a comeback this year people (but then did it ever really go too far?!)…

a woman's legs wearing red corduroy trousers and sneakers on a plain blush pink background

I have always been a fan of this fashion trend – whether it be on Alyssa and I or even on men I’ve seen around and about (not that I am around and about very much but you know what I mean!) This season, corduroy is everywherewoman wearing a mustard yellow corduroy dress with a blue tshirt underneath. you cant see her face but she has blonde hair as well so it is really easy to find.

For women and children at the moment, one of the best places is Tu Clothing by Sainsburys. They have the most gorgeous adult Corduroy Dungaree Dresses in colours that are bang on trend. So bang on in fact, that I even bagged myself the mustard yellow one you see here and one in blush pink! Oh and a little tip is, that if you shop ONLINE with them now, these dresses are actually ON SALE! I also managed to find a matching blush pink one for Alyssa in F & F Clothing by Tescos so be prepared as there may be some matchy matchy photos coming in soon. Supermarkets appear to be a great place for cheaper, sturdy and yet fashionable clothing at the moment!

For men’s fashion this year, I’ve heard a lot about the mens corduroy trousers from Chums. They are actually doing a big feature on the history of corduroy at the moment and how it should be worn this season!

So many shops and fashion lines have decided to feature corduroy this year and I can honestly understand why – it’s hard wearing but can looks so stylish and beautiful too. Alyssa has a dress, trousers and little jacket too and even little Lily Bean has a gorgeous pair on pink corduroy trousers! I’m going to be keeping an eye out for some more pieces to add to my collection for sure. Can we all please celebrate the #CorduroyComeback ?!

Do you have any staple corduroy pieces? How do you wear them?!

a pink corduroy dungarees dress with pockets on the front and a white long sleeved top underneath for a little girl

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