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14th April 2018
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17th April 2018

Is your home as squeaky clean as you think?

The simple answer is – probably not! But that’s not for lack of trying. Many of us work hard to keep our homes clean and safe for families. But did you know that there are places in our homes that should have a place in our cleaning schedule but more often than not are overlooked?
Here you’ll get the lowdown on those sneaky places we forget to clean!

Your skirting boards

Yes! It might shock you, but skirting boards collect as much dust, dirt and grime as your coffee table. Your skirting boards are there to protect your walls from damage from things like furniture, which means that they see a lot of action! If you think it’s time for some new skirting boards then check out skirtings r us.a photo from the bottom of a bed looking up. white bedlinen and orange and turquoise cushions with a black head board. yellow and green blanket. a breakfast tray with toast and coffee is on the end of the bed

So next time you’re on the hunt for dust, get down low! If you keep up with the maintenance; give them a quick tickle with a feather duster or dust before you vacuum, then you can avoid a dreaded deep clean.

Under your bed

In a lot of homes, the space under the bed is as useful as any cupboard or closet space. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But what you might not realise is that the space under your bed is a haven for the accumulation of dust and a perfect home for dust mites. Make sure you include a quick vacuum under the bed to ensure you can sleep and breathe easy.

Your throw pillows

Yes, they might just be for show, and no one really uses them. But your pretty throw pillows accumulate just as much dirt, dead skin cells and grime as any other pillow in your house. Follow the washing instructions and get the smelling as pretty as they look!

The remote control

Many of us eat while we’re watching TV – it’s a favourite pastime in our house! But putting our hands in our mouths and all those sticky finger germs get instantly transferred onto the TV remote as soon as we touch it. Simply remember to wipe them down regularly with a mild disinfectant and use something like a cotton bud to get between those pesky buttons.A large open window with a radiator underneath the window and a palm tree outside and a roof behind it


Admittedly, not the easiest item to clean; the maze of metal plates, covers and grilles make it the perfect place for dust and grime to take hold. So, you might be in for a shock when you get behind it to clean it. Give your radiators a good clean at least once a month and use a feather duster to pick up that loose layer of dust in between deep cleans.

Picture Frame & Mirrors

The mirror in the hallway might not get as dirty as the one in the bathroom, but you’d be surprised at how clear your reflection will be when you finally give it a dust. The same goes for your photo frames! Yes, they look lovely, but I’m sure you’d rather guests admire you and your partner than the layer of dust over your faces!

a white brick wall with a white set of shelves in front of it and on top a black picture frame with a plain white picture inside

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