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Now don’t worry it is still me – the curvy, very much overweight, cheese and gin obsessive you have come to know and love but just hear me out. Those you that follow me on Instagram and particularly on my stories over there will know that at the moment I am once again on the band wagon of trying to beat the bulge once and for all. Honestly? I am tired of being fat. I am tired of using it as an excuse to get out of things or not do things or not go places. I don’t want it to effect my daughters life, which it will soon if I am too fat to do things with her or worried I am going to break the play equipment and I am tired of thinking it is the reason that I do not have a partner in my life because let’s face it there is a strong possibility it is the reason. So, I am currently doing a meal replacement diet which has been tested and checked by experts and so I know that is okay. But what about everything else. Is it actually safe to get healthy…

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Obesity is a growing problem in the UK and growing bigger (excuse the pun) by the minute, especially in children. Being overweight myself and having been the butt of endless fat shaming and bullying I am very careful about what I feed my child and how active she is. I am not so kind or caring to myself.slabs of cake covered in chocolate sauce

The big problem I have is that I like food. I particularly like food that is bad for you and tastes good. At the moment, my weight doesn’t really effect anyone except me but soon it will and that is not fair on Alyssa. She deserves a mum who can climb in soft play with her without worrying she is going to fall through or break the ropes or worse get stuck.

Therefore I am doing all I can to beat the bulge – well I say all I can but I know I could be doing more. At the moment I am doing the So Shape diet plan which is a meal replacement diet and I know is safe. However, there is a lot out there that scares me about dieting and getting healthy and that I don’t know anything about. 

Just before I became pregnant with Alyssa, I was in the best shape I’d been in years. I had dropped two or three dress sizes and was going to the gym two or three times a week and was even running which is something I said I’d never do. However, post baby I never bothered to lose the weight, discovered I had a thyroid condition that makes it more difficult to lose weight and just generally couldn’t be bothered. I wish I had. I’ve now put on even more weight and am quite appalled by what I see in the mirror – but only I can do something about it.

I definitely want to get back to the gym – though it is finding the time to do it which I think might be achievable in September when Alyssa will have more hours at nursery and I won’t be frantically trying to get work done. However, something else that I have thought about but that concerns me is the use of protein. I know a lot of gym friends and obviously people who weight train etc. use protein shakes and supplements to help them train but I am/was worried about the health implications and whether it is/was safe.

I actually received a press release from Scitec who were interested in a collaboration with me to dispel the myths around whether the use of proteins was safe and what they can do for the body. They actually created this infographic which tells you everything you need to know about whey protein; what it is, what’s in it and how to use it safely as well as dispelling some of the many myths surrounding it.

a woman running in a marathon

As a total beginner at getting fit properly I felt a lot better once I had read this infographic because not only am I getting healthy for my own happiness but I am also doing it for my little girl and for our future so the best thing I can do is to do it right. The right way and in a healthy way.
*This is a collaborative post with information provided in a press release


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