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30th May 2018
1st June 2018
My little one has the most amazing imagination. I really does blow my mind. I will sit and listen to her playing with her figurines for example and she will talk as each one to each other but I’ll know when she is being a different character because each figure has a different voice that she does. They will end up in all sorts of situations with the bad guys trying to take over the world but it doesn’t matter because we always know that Alyssa will save the day in the end! I want  to do all I can to encourage her imagination because to me it is such a beautiful thing and to do that I need to find the right kind of toys to encourage this to grow. Something she really loves doing is cleaning with her Nonna so when Casdon asked if we’d like to review their Henry Deluxe Cleaning Trolley it seemed like the perfect toy for her…

When it first arrived we had to spend about 10 minutes just putting the whole thing together – it wasn’t complicated at all. A few pieces to click or screw into place and then the Henry and Face stickers to add and we were done!

I was amazed by how many parts came with the trolley. Firstly, it is lightweight and was very easy for my little one to push around the whole house to clean which she spent the following few hours doing – at this rate I won’t need to clean ever again!

At the bottom on the front are some cleaning spray and detergent bottles – these don’t work which both of us were a little disappointed about and she used them a few times and discarded them. There is a little white  cloth to use as well which she loved wiping all the surfaces with – we popped it into the washing machine after as it was a little dirty from genuine dust and it was fine.

There is a great little broom and a dustpan and brush to do all the sweeping and even a little paper bag to put rubbish into that hangs on the trolley.

Then of course there is the amazing mop and bucket! We did actually try it out as a proper little mop and bucket and I put some water and bubbles in it and she used to to clean the tiled bathroom floor (with an old towel for drying too!) and it was great! I am not sure it was meant to be used with actual water but it is fine. The mop is a little sparse on the head end and could probably do with filling out a bit but it’s okay for a kid as long as they aren’t too heavy handed!

One note – I do rotate Alyssa’s toys so she doesn’t have too many out all in one go and once I had clipped the trolley together I was unable to dismantle it. I suppose I could have pulled harder but I was worried about breaking it! So don’t assemble until you are ready to have it permanently made!

The best part and the biggest surprise was the little hand held hoover! We actually have a real one so for her to get one made her super excited! It actually has working suction and makes a noise which is probably why it’s the most popular part for Alyssa. You need three AAA batteries for this which aren’t included.

The Casdon Deluxe Henry Cleaning Toy is great for imaginative play. It helps encourage the growth of the imagination, cause and effect as well as their motor skills. Overall it’s a great gift for any little one with a bursting imagination or who loves to clean. It does say from 3+ but Alyssa is only 2 and it has been fine. The only reason I can think of it being for older is the height of the trolley but I don’t think it’s a problem for 2.5 years onwards really but do always read the manufacturers warnings – it has an RRP of £24.99 which I think is about right.

You can buy one from Argos, Smyths or Amazon.

*We were sent the products for the purposes of a review – all our opinions are our own.

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