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4th August 2017
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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #30

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Success comes in all shapes and sizes doesn’t it? It can be an award you’ve waited your whole life to get. It could be recognition for something or from someone that matters. Or it could be something as small as your child saying I love you. We don’t celebrate success, in whatever form enough in my opinion and over the past few weeks and months with the madness that is blogging awards and particularity in the past week with my fight to get blogging seen as a real job, I have come to realise that everyone is a success in their own right. So, we find ourselves here and with me opening up the doors to Mummy in a Tutu for the first time to a guest post series. This series is here for any and all bloggers to talk about success; their success or the success of someone else that they want to recognise. Welcome to I’m a blogging success because… Let’s hand over to Nic from Clarke Life!

Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up? I didn’t! I remember wanting to be an Interior Designer then when my Mum told my art teachers at parents evening they just laughed at her, so I abandoned that idea! My parents sent me to a pretty good school and paid for my education.  I enjoyed school for the most part but didn’t really fit in to the academic mould. It was taken for granted that I would go to university but I really didn’t know what I would study.  In my late teens I had taken up sport outside school and some of the people I met were woman stressed ad bored with booksworking in leisure centres.  It looked like a pretty cool job, managing a sports centre, so I thought I would do that.  And that’s how it happened, how I spent 20 years working in the leisure industry doing a job I was pretty average at.

I recall a conversation with a good friend of mine when we were in our final year of uni.  She asked me what I wanted to be doing in 5 years and I said ‘be married and having babies!’.  She couldn’t believe that was what I wanted…it seemed ridiculous that, having spent 3 years working my butt off to get a degree, my main goal was to get married and have babies.

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But for me it was a bit of a revelation.  I wanted to work, I wasn’t lazy but my main goal in life was to have a family.

So what’s this got to do with being a Blogging success you may ask?  Well, for me, simply having a family wasn’t enough.  I wanted to be at home with my children.  I have always been happy to work but I have wanted to find something that allowed me to have the flexibility to be able to work and be a Mum and for neither one to have to take the lead.  13 years on from having my first child I think I might just have found what I have been looking for!  I have been blogging for a year but have only really taken it seriously for the last 6 months and I can honestly say it has changed my life.

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Blogging has enabled me to unleash the creative side of me that has been dormant for many years.  Blogging has allowed me to use the skills I have learnt in marketing, social media and sales throughout my career.  Blogging has allowed me to be myself 100% – to write what I want, when I want and to build a business that is completely my own.  Blogging has taught me a wealth of new skills and has given me a whole new network of friends and colleagues. Blogging has ignited a fire and a passion in me that I didn’t even know was there and allowed me to be proud of something I have achieved.  Blogging has taught me that it is never too late to find your path and that you should never give up looking.

So I am a blogging success because I absolutely love this job.  It never feels like a chore to sit down and write, every day is different and I feel that there will always be more to learn and more to give.  This job will eventually allow me to be at home full time but I don’t feel the need to be earning huge amounts of money.  Blogging success means far more than money to me, it means happiness and satisfaction that at last I’m pretty sure I’ve found something I’m good at.  The only thing I regret is that I didn’t think of doing this sooner.

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If you would like to take part in this series then please email me on admin@mummyinatutu.co.uk with your piece and all your social media links and subject it Blogging Success. I hope you join me again next week to help celebrate more blogging success. We’ll be joined by Ronnie & Ave from Home Life Abroad!

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