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How To Revamp Your Bedroom

revamp your bedroom

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When it’s time to revamp and change up my bedroom I like to take my time and not rush into anything . I love interior design but I am no expert by all means . But what I do know is how I want my bedroom to feel so when I don’t feel that anymore it’s definitely time to revamp your bedroom.

I want to be able to walk in and for the room to feel like a sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind and I want it to feel peaceful too. 

So as always my first steps are to create a mood board. I do this with a mixture of Pinterest, Instagram and magazines. Finding pictures and colour schemes that I feel attracted to and says to me all the things that are on my list.

I really feel fabrics and textures are very important and I want the room to feel sumptuous and a little decadent too. So once I have a colour scheme I can then start to look at soft furnishings. 

Do I want curtains or blinds? Or both! Do I want nets or voiles? I really do like voiles, they can just be draped over a curtain pole and really soften a room.

revamp your bedroom

Bed linen is one of the most important parts of the room for me, after all it will be touching your skin so it needs to feel really good. So choosing duvet covers is a job I definitely don’t rush and I never settle for just anything .

There are so many things to consider when it comes to the duvet cover. Do you want a plain or a pattern ? Do you choose a colour or plain white? What sort of mix do you want? Pure cotton or a mixed fiber. Of course you can now buy easy iron or even no iron duvet sets,  so there is something out there everyone when you decide to revamp your bedroom.

When I do get to the bed linen stage of my plan I keep very much in mind that I will be dressing the bed. This will involve far more cushions than Mr Tutu can cope with but “ I have far too many cushions “ is something I’m sure no one in the world has ever said so he will have to take deep breaths and get past it I’m afraid. Cushions are a very very big part of the master plan in creating this oasis of a room.

Now I like a throw, but when I’m dressing the bed with my many cushions I like at least two throws. Layering the throws of different textures just builds that sumptuous look that I’m trying to create.

So choosing the duvet cover actually has a great deal of bearing on where I go cushion and throw wise or the other way round so to speak.

revamp your bedroom

I don’t want it to be too busy or there to be too many colours. Although that concept would definitely be Alyssa’s dream bedroom, it definitely is not what I have in mind. So I will possibly keep the duvet plain but maybe a pastel and work from there. It’s always exciting planning a room. I really enjoy taking the time to find beautiful accessories to compliment the room. These are the finishing touches.

Maybe a nice green plant, a beautiful lamp and pictures for the walls. All needs careful planning and consideration . And I often have to go back to my mood board several times to remind myself of what I’m trying to achieve, as with so many lovely things. I Can quite easily lose my way!

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