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How to get your home looking good on a budget

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A snazzy home doesn’t need to cost a fortune, trying to spruce things up free or cheap can be a fun challenge. Sometimes, the simplest solution can have the biggest impact, read on to discover some hacks for decorating on a budget.

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Whether you are renting or buying your own home, making them look good does not have to cost the earth.

A lick of paint

It’s hard to believe how much a lick of paint can improve a room. Even painting your ceilings, staircases or a few simple touch ups can give your room a new lease of life. The best thing is that paint is relatively inexpensive, with many of us using pots previously used stored in our utility rooms. Changing the colour of the wall can make the room feel completely different – why not paint the walls different colours to really mix things up!

Move things arounda flat lay of open paint cans in various colours with a hand stretching out over them holding a paintbrush

It might sound simple but moving around your furniture or removing old furniture will open up space and make the room feel very different. Perhaps furniture from another room will fit perfectly and you didn’t even know? Experiment, it costs nothing! Sometimes a fresh approach encourages you to get rid of old and tired pieces that only clutter and don’t add anything.

Update cushions and throws

These items don’t cost a lot and can dramatically change how a room feels and looks. This is a great alternative to buying a new sofa, plenty of shops sell affordable cushions and throws. Have the cushions on your sofa become tired and flat? The best way to get them plump again is to get an upholstery company to re stuff them for you, although not cheap it’s still cheaper than getting a new sofa!

Sand down and refinish your floors

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of real wood in your home, then you’ll know how long they can last. However, after years of use and spillages, they can sometimes benefit from a sand down and refinish. This will eradicate any stains and scratches, the best part is that it can be done a few times and you can do it yourself, much cheaper than buying a new flooring! Even if you are looking to purchase a new flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and laminate are affordable options and mimic real wood very convincingly.

an industrial style hanging lamp fitting

Think about lighting

The right lighting can completely transform a room and costs very little. A new lamp shade will work wonders, or even something as simple as changing the bulbs for something brighter. We’d stay away from multi coloured lights, stick to white if you can.

We hope this brief discussion has given you some ideas and got your creative juices flowing. Not only is it economical to find a way to spruce things up for free or on the cheap, but it’s also much more environmentally friendly than throwing things away and replacing them!

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