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How To Create The Perfect Princess Bedroom

*This is a collaborative post.
There comes a time when your little one outgrows their nursery setting, and this calls for a bedroom revamp. Opting for a princess theme is a popular choice, and it’s great to encourage creativity from an early age by ensuring their imagination can run wild in the comfort of their own space. Figuring out what aspects come together to create the perfect princess style bedroom can be difficult, as your initial vision may not end up matching with your final product if you haven’t got much of an idea how to bring every feature together. So, if you’re getting ready to update your little ones bedroom and want to know more about how you can bring a sprinkle of royalty to your family home, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips to help you create a truly magical space in no time at all. 

a silver crown

Pick A Colour

One of the very first steps that you must take when designing your princess bedroom is the main colour. It’s recommended that you stick with one main shade and use different tones to create accents or features, rather than splattering various clashing colours here, there and everywhere. Pink can be a very calming colour and there are many decorations available in a princess theme in this shade too, whilst purple and blue are great alternatives. You can add small features using other colours like gold or silver to add a little touch of sparkle and luxury, but try to keep these to a minimum and stick to alternating shades of your original set colour to create feature walls and other aesthetic aspects. It’s best to avoid wallpaper, especially with big bold prints, as this can make the room look cluttered and small before you’ve even started adding any furniture. Make sure the owner of this soon-to-be princess room is happy with the colour you’ve chosen, and get painting!

Light It Up

The lighting types and arrangement that you choose for the bedroom has a huge affect on the overall look and feel. Opting for the brightest, whitist lights will make your little one feel as if they are in a doctor’s waiting room rather than a safe and comfortable space, so always go for warmer toned bulbs that aren’t going to blind small eyes. Deciding on which cover you should purchase for their main hanging light needn’t be difficult, as princess rooms tend to exclusively make use of any kind of chandelier. You do not have to go out and spend thousands, as of course your child will not be able to understand the true economic and artistic value of such a pricey piece, and there are many hundreds of styles made specifically for kids anyway. Once you find the perfect fit, ensure it doesn’t hang too low from the ceiling and see whether you can connect it to a dimmer switch to enable light level alteration. Investing in some smaller lamps, nightlights or fairy lights will also add aesthetic value as well as comfort, just remember to stick to a warm tone bulb for these too. 

The Bed

Your little ones bed should be the centrepiece of their special princess room, as there’s so much scope around what you can do to add a sprinkle of royalty to their resting place. One of the most popular ideas that many parents choose is to simply upgrade their current bed by purchasing a hanging canopy, or you can even make one yourself out of a specific material if you’d rather. A canopy is a long arrangement of flowing fabric attached to the ceiling above their bed that envelopes them beneath, and they were and still are all too common in actual royal bedrooms! Another great option for children that are a little older is to make or invest in a four poster bed, as they truly are the height of luxury and can help to transform the room from average to princess status so easily. Don’t be afraid to get them a bed that’s bigger than one they might currently need, as it saves you having to buy another when they continue to grow, and you can add some steps either side to help them climb in and out which is just what many princesses do in reality today.

Adding More Furniture 

Of course you cannot stop at just a bed, as there are many more furniture options that will really bring the room together and provide your little princess with everything they need to have fun and be comfortable at the same time. If you have a lot of space to play with, separate the room into a few areas – perhaps a beauty corner with a vanity mirror, or an entertainment space filled toys and teddies, as well as comfy seats or bean bags for them to relax on. Typical princess rooms feature very ornate and regal furniture, but remember to keep it child friendly and consider and hard corners or edges that might cause harm to your little one. Another great item that can help to brighten up the room and create the illusion of a bigger space is a mirror – they come in so many different styles and sizes, and you can add more glam with your own decorations and lights too. 

Don’t Forget About Storage 

Incorporating storage into your child’s bedroom is a very important factor that mustn’t be forgotten, as they’re bound to have a whole heap of clothes and games to pack away at the end of the day. Grand wardrobes can come in some very royal styles, and you can even find special padded hangers made from velvet or silk to hang their best outfits beautifully. One wardrobe might not always be enough, so it’s a good idea to source a set of drawers of any size to house any of their smaller items that can be folded up. In terms of toys, there are many innovative pieces that can incorporate several different functions whilst still providing aesthetic value too. For example, there are many storage units that double up as work surfaces or table tops, and they come in very attractive styles and colours that can compliment the design of your little ones princess bedroom. 

Some Extra Details

One of the final things that helps to complete the room is adding a few personal touches, and this will transform the space from having a ‘show home’ feel to more of an individual space. Invest in a few different ornate picture frames in colours that match with the rest of the room, and fill them with images of your little one with family and friends. Search for some beautiful bed sheets, potentially with a strong print to add a small splash of creativity, and pair these with a plush soft blanket and a few luxurious pillows or cushions to tie it all together. If the walls are looking somewhat blank, why not purchase a piece or two of art? Almost every charity store boasts a respectable selection of vintage paintings or prints, and anything containing things like ballerinas, landscapes and nature are perfect for a princess room with their bargain prices bringing luxury for very little. Don’t worry about the frame as you can change this yourself for something better suited, but often the aged look can add aesthetic value to the room. If the floor in your little ones bedroom is a hard material like wood or tiles, it’s a good idea to purchase a few thick rugs that serve several purposes: the designs can be extremely detailed and beautiful, the fabric can offer more of a cushion between your child and the floor if they fall, and the rug can bring extra warmth to cold toes in winter months too. Wooden dolls houses can act as decorations as well as toys fit for hours of entertainment, so they’re a sure investment for a fun princesses room. 

The Final Piece 

The very last piece that can really finish the project off is a personalised door sign that can let every visitor know that they are about to enter a princesses bedroom. They are so cheap so buy online but for an extra individual touch you could even make one yourself using a small section of sanded wood and some paints; just take your time and plan out the text with pencil before using a tiny brush to outline each letter before filling it all in, then add a few extra details such as flowers, hearts, and crowns too. You can either attach this to the door itself using screws or alternatively make a couple of holes in the top and pop some coloured thread through to create something that you can hang it up with. 

a silver crown

Hopefully this guide can help you to figure out the best way to complete your princess bedroom project from start to finish. Each step matters, so consider the little details to ensure you create the perfect royal residency for your child to enjoy for years to come. 

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