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21st September 2019
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28th September 2019

How I Spent A Million Pounds!

*This is a collaborative post.
You may have come here thinking… OMG did she win the lottery? Did she inherit some vast fortune? Yeah, I bloody wish. Nope sorry, still as flat broke as everyone else!! However, do you ever have one of those amazing daydreams, that you don’t intend to have but you just accidentally slip into and jump out of 15 minutes later? Well, I hope you do because they are awesome!! One of the things I quite often daydream about is how I would spend the money, if for example I won the lottery. It always begins with me thinking, just a million would be nice, then it gradually creeps up to ten as there are more and more things that I would like to do… so here’s how I spent mine in just 5 minutes flat (which I swear must be a record or something!!)

Marwell house

1. House – probably most peoples first port of call. I would put aside £350,000 to buy a house and decorate and furnish it. Just a normal 3 bedroom, nothing major but in a lovely place.

2. Mum – I would of course have to give £100,000 to my mum and her partner to ensure that she was taken care of and could go out and enjoy life!

3. Sister – I would also give £50,000 to my sister… cos she’s purty!

4. Brother – Well I suppose he better get £50,000 too so that it’s fair!!

5. Alyssa – savings account – £50,000 – and I would put us both on the account so that she’d need my signature to withdraw funds when she’s old enough.

6. Nephew – I would also do a £25,000 saving fund for Rowan as well with my signature! I know what I would have done with a lot of money at 18 so I am taking no risks!!

(we are up to £625,000 already!!!)

7. Car – my dream car (and yes you can get ready to laugh) is one of the new VW Beetles, soft-top, in pink with black features! Very girly, very Barbie – but OMG I WANT IT PLEASSSEE!!! £15,000 with tax and insurance etc.

8. Holiday 1 – I would like to go back to the Caribbean for a long 3 week holiday! Not high season as it would be too hot for bubba, but I would also want to fly in business or first class and go all inclusive. £5,000

9. Holiday 2 – New York! Absolute dream to go to New York and go shopping and see a show on Broadway and do everything touristy that I possibly can… has to be done. £10,000 including spending money!

10. Holiday 3 – I have always wanted to have Christmas is a wooden chalet surrounded by snow and all my family. So, I would take us all to lapland for Christmas where we could go skiing, see Father Christmas and drink hot chocolate by the fire!! £20,000 including presents!!

(who needs to buy a house – think I will be on holiday for a year!!)

11. Income – Okay, ultimate dream would be, to be able to work from home as a blogger. I will make it happen, I swear… but this money would provide me with an income until I was established! £35,000 annual income replacement for 2 years. Or I can start a business and invest the amount in it.

12. Technology – A little bit of a technology geek… I don’t know how to use it all but you can be damned sure I’d learn. I’d get a Computer (desktop), Lap top, Camera (probably 2 if I am honest 1 digi and 1 not) and a new tablet and phone!! £8,000 to make sure they are really really good!

13. Shopping – It had to be in there somewhere. Not all at once, but I am sure there would be several shopping trips to ensure that Alyssa and I had brand new wardrobes full of clothes!! She will not get everything she wants just by asking but she will be dressed well!! £10,000 (over quite a bit of time!) I’d buy some nice clothes for family as well including some Business Suits from Suits Men for the blokes and some gorgeous dresses for the ladies.

14. School – Some people will think I am nuts, a snob, or just plain stupid but if I had the money I hate to say it, but I would send Alyssa to private school as a day student. Speaking as a teacher, I think sometimes students get lost in public schools because they are way over subscribed and whilst the level of education in some public schools is outstanding, I would go for a private education. £250,000 but I would not move her to a private school unless she agreed.

Total: 978,000 (so I have £22,000 change… not bad!)

So in around 5 minutes I have spent just under one million pounds and to be honest given another 5 minutes could probably spend a million more. This is quite a selfish list I have to admit but that’s the point of a dream isn’t it? It’s what I would love in my heart to have and be able to do. However, until I win the lottery, I will keep plodding along, occasionally dipping in and out of my little dream world, quite content with working my butt off to get where I want to go in the mean time. So come on, tell me, what would you dream buy?

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