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29th March 2018
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1st April 2018
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Easter is a bit of a funny one isn’t it really?! I mean it isn’t Christmas, it’s not a family members birthday and yet it seems people are making more and more of a big deal out of it. Like with Halloween, everything seems to be becoming bigger, grander and obviously in turn more expensive! My lovely friend Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine wrote an awesome post this week (after spotting an “EASTER TREE” for sale) because she felt like enough was enough – well, we don’t really need another holiday that kids can rinse us of all our money on do we?! We have always been a family that use any excuse to get together and celebrate BUT we don’t go mad and we definitely do NOT buy Easter trees! So I thought I would celebrate how we’ll be celebrating Easter this year….

Twas the night before Easter and all through the house, not a create was stirring not even a rabbit… Literally no one is stirring because we aren’t religious so Easter to us isn’t a big deal. I’ve not even laid out any chocolate otherwise my child will want that for breakfast and I am not quite that relaxed even on a “holiday!”

We will wake up as we normally do on any other Sunday although this year, our lovely friend Adrian will be joining us whom Alyssa adores so she’ll probably be bugging me over and over until he wakes up. I doubt unless I say anything, she will even know it is a different day until we do the three things that make it a “holiday” day for us as a family.

At some point during the day, my siblings, their partners and children will all arrive and invade the house at which point the kids (I include myself in that group obviously) will be released into the garden weather permitting (our be shut into one room for 5 minutes if it’s bucketing down) and handed baskets with which to go on a coloured Easter egg hunt. Each child, including myself, will have their own coloured chocolate eggs to find and collect.

This year, post egg hunt, I will be indulging in some Easter crafts with the kids thanks to the GBC Group who’ve been kind enough to send me a box of goodies to do with the kids. Alyssa, Rowan, Lily and I will all be painting our own little Easter Eggs which ironically are hanging ornaments so perhaps if we go and pop them on a tree outside, we will have our very own Easter tree after all. They also sent Alyssa some very cute bunny ears which will be sat atop her curls for the day.

The final and main thing we do as a family to celebrate Easter is to sit and have a big meal together. We live about an hour apart which actually isn’t far but when life also gets in the way it can often be a good week or two between visits and so holidays like Easter are a great excuse for our family to get together, have something lush to eat like a big roast dinner and then spend the afternoon playing old school board games whilst the kids gorge on their chocolate finds.

I totally agree with the consensus that the comercialisation of Easter and the way that merchandisers are taking it has now gone way too far – Easter trees are a big no no as are gifts that are not chocolate because if we were doing that we may as well call it Eastmas and honestly my bank account can barely handle one of those. However, it is a great excuse to get together as a family and welcome our friends round too so that is why I am happy to be celebrating Easter… with just chocolate, no tree!
*Sent products from GBC for the purposes of the post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Definitely agree that Easter is becoming way too commercialised. We might do an Easter egg hunt, and the girls will get chocolate eggs from their grandparents and something non-chocolatey from us. We usually go to church on Easter Sunday and then tend to spend the afternoon at a National Trust properly but we don’t really have any specific way of celebrating Easter.

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