#ABloggingGooodTime Week 68
26th October 2017
Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 52
27th October 2017
We’re big fans of Halloween in our house. Big. Huge. I got my pumpkins right at the beginning of the month and I got about 5 in various sizes and they were all for Alyssa and I to play with. Of course, then comes the big question – what should we do with them?! Traditionally, we should carve them into scary faces, pop a candle inside and light it on All Hallows Eve and wait from the pumpkin to completely disintegrate into a mushy mess. However, being the social media addict that I am, whilst scrolling mindlessly through Facebook this October, I have seen more and more videos of people getting really crafty and more and more creative with their pumpkins. Now, I wouldn’t say I am the craftiest or most artistic of people, though I do have moments of buying a brand spanking new sketch pad and pencils and wondering if I could have been the next Vivienne Westwood, but I thought I might give some of them a go. Question is, how will you carve yours?

There are lots of different ideas as I said when it comes to what to do with your pumpkin. I had a look around the internet for some ideas before settling down on one.a pumpkin carved into the face of a monster

  • Firstly you have to decide, are you going to be an Alpha or a Beta Mummy Pumpkin Carver! One of my favourite bloggers, The Adventures of Beta Mummy popped up an absolutely hilarious post on how quickly this Halloween craft can turn!
  • Also on my internet travels, I also came across Families Online Halloween Page which provided lots of useful information (and not only about Pumpkin Carving!) Did you know I am also a writer for them??! You know… just as an FYI!
  • Coming across The Purple Pumpkin Blog (clues in the name really isn’t it?!) and her “How to Make a No Carve Mandala Pumpkin!” was like a shining beacon because I have honestly never seen something so gorgeous in my entire life!

So, thinking about it, I definitely decided I wanted to go down the painted pumpkin route rather than the possibly disastrous carving route – carving with a two year old and sharp implements is surely never going to go well, is it?! Then of course, the inspiration hit me – why does a pumpkin have to be a pumkin?! Why could it not be, for example, a glittery shining Unicorn?! I know Halloween is supposed to be all ghouls and gruesome but why?!?? America doesn’t do it all dark and horrible, it’s just us Brits that decided to take it to it’s darkest extremes, so I decided that Alyssa and I would bring it back for the Glitter Squad. Check it out…

So what did you think?! Come on it is so totally me – a Sparkly Unicorn Pumpkin and Alyssa had an absolute blast getting that messy and having so much fun. We set them out with battery operated tea lights in front and around them so that the glitter would sparkle even at night and made absolutely gorgeous pumpkins! Next year, I’m thinking Disney theme!!! So come on tell me, how have you carved yours this year?!

two pumpkins painted white with multi coloured paint dripped round and sparkly unicorn horns

*This is a collaborative post – all opinions are our own

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