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19th December 2017
Time for Itty Bitty Hugs
20th December 2017
With the holiday season now here and people in and out, I am becoming very aware of needing the house to look nice to welcome all our friends and family. We only moved in 6 months ago and a lot of people still haven’t visited and so I want to make sure everything looks nice for when they do visit! So, when Rug Doctor got in touch and asked us if we’d like to try their 48 Hour hire service, I was happy to accept…

So not only do I have the pressure of it being the holiday season, but I also live in a rented house meaning that actually we have to be fairly nice to the property as well (though our landlord is lovely) or as nice as we can be with a raging toddler in the house. So, Rug Doctor getting in touch and asking me if I’d like to try out their service could not have come at a better time at all.

So you have a couple of options when it comes to booking a rug doctor – you can go and book and collect in store in places like Tesco or Morrisons etc. You can find your nearest rental locations from the Rug Doctor website by popping in your postcode. At these locations you’re also able to buy the cleaning detergents you will need to. However, you can also ask to have it delivered if perhaps you find it hard to get out, have a busy schedule or don’t have a car.

I decided to get mine delivered as I was having a few days at home with Alyssa (when she was unwell) though I first had to decide what it was I wanted to try. There are a couple of options – you can go for the full carpet cleaning machine for either 24 or 48 hours. I decided to go for 48 hours and you can choose how much cleaning liquid you would like based on the number of rooms you’d like to clean e.g. 2 Litres for 4 rooms. There’s also the portable spot cleaner available for purchase to tackle stains whenever suits you.

The whole lot arrived via courier in a box – I was worried about lifting it out of the box but it is not actually as heavy as you think. However, do take care if you get it delivered as obviously you need to return it in the box and the equipment is heavy enough to break the box. I was concerned that I would be sat for the first twenty four hours reading instructions, but I needn’t have been as the Rug Doctor is actually very simple to use. There are 5 simple steps all on the handle of the machine which explain it clearly and easily – you can also watch a demo here.

As I said, really easy to use, not too heavy to push around either which was also a concern for me considering I am currently undergoing treatment for a frozen shoulder and trapped nerve. Furthermore, I actually think they are generous with the amount of fluid they give as I had plenty left over but then this is also subject to the size of your rooms too. It made everything seem so much fresher and gave the whole place a lift and 48 hours later the courier returned to collect it, simple as that.

I was also fortunate enough to be sent the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner to review as well and decided to give our sofa and arm chair a good seeing too. It is a fabric set and has had all sorts on it including a poorly toddler and a couple of accidents as well as food and drink galore. Obviously we scrubbed it at the time with cleaning fluid but it’s not always enough. So using the correct fluid I used the spot cleaner to give the sofa and chair a really good clean and also did Alyssa’s mattress too. It was so easy, didn’t take too long and gave the furnishings a whole new lease of life. Again I had lots of fluid left over so I think it’s definite value for money.

So, whether you live in rented accommodation like me, are extremely house proud or have a bajillion and one stains thanks to your darling cherubs and fur babies, I would highly recommend using the Rug Doctor service. I had heard of it and always thought it was hugely expensive but actually think it is really good value for money and gives the house such a boost that hoovering and wiping just don’t do.

Get Your House Pride on This Season…. and the rest of the year too!

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. GREG HARDING says:

    Would it be fare to say that yes the Rug Doctor is a well recognised brand, however it disappoints me that their are no health warnings. What i mean by that is carpets AND upholstery are expensive to buy. Using one of these machines with the untrained person could seriously effect your heart.
    Cleaning a Wilton carpet WOULD shrink without a doubt, over wetting the carpet and the carpet then smelling. The chemicals do not allow for the carpet to be rinsed properly, which causing re soiling.
    The rug doctor is a good little machine for spot cleaning, or a tickle of a maintenance clean

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