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18th January 2022
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Home Décor Trends for 2022

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Rather excitingly we can now see on the horizon the possibility of us owning our own home. It is going to take a lot of work and dare I say sacrifice but currently it feels like a genuine possibility. Now, I am a planner as those who follow me know and so the thought of owning my own home means that in my head and on my Pinterest I am already planning the décor for the home – I can’t help it. It is exciting and whilst some ideas may change, I think getting the basic concept of what we want our own to look like will probably stick with us the whole journey.

revamp your bedroom

So, of course when thinking about the interior of our home, I wanted to look at the current trends for interior design. I have no experience and whilst I am not a crowd follower I always think it’s good to get some inspiration.

Apparently the top trend for 2022 is bring the outside in, or as it is properly called Biophilic design. Basically from what I can see it involves a lot of greenery and plants around the home which I love anyway and of course letting a lot of the natural light in. This made me look at the DIY Shutters available from California Shutters. They offer so many different styles in various textures and materials, I feel like they’d suit our home, no matter what style we end up decorating in. According to their website, each shutter is custom made-to-order to a customer’s requirements then you can choose installation or to simply follow the easy how to guide and install them yourselves. So these are definitely top of my list for the windows in each room.

Another trend that is still super popular this year is bold colours and patterns and I really love the idea of having a bold statement wall in the living room in like a deep blue or green or even a yellow, with the remaining walls plain and then patterns in the cushions. Very “insta” I know but I do love the look of them.

Finally, the other décor trend that currently appeals to me is the reverting to some of the more traditional furniture pieces as well as multi-functional spaces. In front of my bold statement living room wall, I’d love a roll top armchair, though I’d equally love a cuddle chair as I love a good comfy chair I can just disappear into with Alyssa.

I think for any family, making the most of the space you have and making rooms and spaces multifunctional is key and we’ll be doing our best to planning spaces like this into our home. Are you moving or doing any decorating this year?

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