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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #27
13th May 2017
#LuckyLinky Week 10
15th May 2017

Highlights of the Week: #36

Wow what a lot  of drama this week – Okay, so you know we have sold our house right? Yeah well, we were told we have another 9 weeks or so until we would need to move. They then phone and say actually we want to do this week – ughhh what?! We managed to negotiate two weeks so we now have two weeks to find somewhere to live! This has meant that my poor mum and I have been on the phone all week to estate agents (whom I’m pretty sure are bloody sick of us by now) trying to book viewings to see properties. Jeez – how many properties do not want cats? And KIDS?! I saw an advertisement that said “Children by negotiation!” That’s a rant for another post anyway. So I thought for this week’s highlights, as there have been so few, I’d look mostly back at last weekend when we went as a family to watch my brother and his father play in their first cricket match of the year. It was a proper English afternoon…

Always dancing and marching to the beat of her own drum…

Uncle Ollie is up to bat and looks like such a pro!

We had to make time for our new favourite activity this week “Ping” or Sponge Painting!

Taking a break from all the fun at Cricket!

Of course the gorgeous tomato faced Lily Bean  joined us at Cricket too!

Swinging fun with Granddad Chris during the Cricket Match!

We’ve had a stressful week but we managed to squeeze in a little fun as you can see, but if you’d like to see what happens to us on a daily basis don’t forget to head over to Instagram where you can see all our shenanigans!


  1. Oh god that’s terrible! As you know we have sold our house as well. I couldn’t imagine being told you need to move out at such short notice. We are steadily packing a bit everyday for our move next month. Good luck with it all! Xx

  2. Poor you, I hate moving house we once had to move the day after boxing day with four young children the worse part was that it wasn’t worth putting the tree back up and everyone else still had all their Xmas decorations on display for once I couldn’t wait for twelth night so we fitted in with everyone around us again #pointshoot@_karendennis

  3. Oh gosh I hope this nightmare is over soon. Beautiful sunny pictures 🙂

  4. Glad you got to squeeze in some fun. Alyssa looks so happy and super cute as always. The weather looks fab too! I can’t believe how much lily has grown! Thank you for joining #PointShoot 📸

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