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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #22
8th April 2017
#LuckyLinky Week 5
10th April 2017

Highlights of the Week: 33

Once again I have been neglectful but then I think this post is more for me anyway so for me I am back again. So much has been happening – poor little one was suffering so badly with hand, foot and mouth disease but has luckily come out the other side and now that I am ill with some sort of god awful virus she has decided that she does not want to sleep properly – cheers darling. I have however lost 10lbs in the past few weeks which I am really pleased about and am so hoping I hit my first stone this coming week.I am contemplating getting a butterfly tattoo on my arm each time I lose a stone as an incentive and/or a reminder that I don’t want to put it back on but we shall see… still undecided at the moment We’ve been going for lots of walks and play time in the park and have been enjoying time spent with all our lovely family. As usual, I have picked a few of my favourite pics from the past few weeks…

Alyssa, Uncle Peter, Cousin Rowan and I were lucky enough to head down to Weymouth Sealife Adventure Park to try out their new Caribbean Cove Adventure Playground… (click here to read and watch our review) ….


This one is really in to hide and seek at the moment. She thinks she is invisible. Can anyone see Alyssa…?


Lots of smiles when she gets to run free across the fields…

This one has such a wonderful relationship with her Nonna as you can see. This was combination playdough and colouring…


We have been jumping and rubbing our hands in muddy puddles (no Peppa references please!!!)…

alyssa doing water play

We’ve also been enjoying lots of water play now that Spring has arrived and the sun has returned for now at least…

We’ve had a lovely few weeks as you can see, but if you’d like to see what happens to us on a daily basis don’t forget to head over to Instagram where you can see all our shenanigans!

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