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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #16
6th January 2017
Backseat Parenting!
8th January 2017

Highlights of the Week: #31

Well, Christmas really has been and gone now hasn’t it?! Already almost two weeks into the New Year… Do you remember when you were at school and for about a month after you still wrote the wrong year in the date on your work – or was that just me?! Anyway, we spent a long time cooped up over the holidays with family visiting and presents to open and play with, so we spent an awful lot of time indoors. However, as the weather has been so lovely this week, cold but bright blue skies and sunshine, Alyssa and I have been heading off outside in search of adventure which has more often than not resulted in a lot of muddy clothes combined with rosy cheeks and big smiles. So this is what we have been up to this week…

alyssa on a path surrounded by trees in a pink coat and wellies, a white bunny hat and blue jeans smiling at the camera

This one has finally got her confidence with running around and was off to explore the world around her…

alyssa in a plaid brown and pink coat with a wollen panda headband on some grass with the sun shining down

We had lots of adventures this week and this little one spent time just drinking it all in…

alyssa in a highchair holding a spoon with a pink bib on and the tray bowl and her face covered in chocolate cake

Of course when we weren’t exploring we had to take a little break… yes I gave my child a small piece of chocolate cake so sue me!!

alyssa running and laughing down a path wearing a white bunny hat a pink coat and wellies and blue jeans

Once she was off there was no stopping her and I just had to try and keep up!

alyssa sat on top of a tree stump in pink wellies a pink woolen coat a pink knitted hat with two pompoms on and pink and blue striped tights

From up on high the little treasure looked down at the world below with wonder in her eyes. Then she drifted into a world of her own full of magic and belief. Can I come too little one….


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