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#TribalChat Blogging Award Winners Sept 2016
17th September 2016
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Watch Out for My Watch – Review & Giveaway
18th September 2016

Highlights of the Week: #24

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I find I’m really hard pushed this week to find some highlights. Alyssa turned a corner in being ill this week for the worse and at one point I was actually awake for 38 hours straight…. that did not feel good. Finally, this weekend she is on the mend but now I’ve caught whatever it was too which is not good. However, I’ve managed to find a few high points…
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1 – Online… This week we had our second #tribalchat blogging awards. It was amazing to see so many people turn up online for these awards…. we broke twitter a little again and it was taking up to 2 minutes to get a tweet on the hash tag.  We had almost a hundred votes and 15 very worthy winners. Check out #TribalChat Award Winners Sept 2016 for all the details on our amazing winners! Next awards in January!!
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2 – Offline… Related to the wonderful tribal awards was the fact that on the day of the award and the following day I had 2 wonderful surprise deliveries in the former of some gorgeous cupcakes and flowers from my amazing tribal members. I make myself not eligible for the awards so they made one up for me and gave me an Outstanding Contribution to the Tribe – Your Vibe Attracted Us! It was such a gorgeous surprise and I wanted to cry!! The cupcakes were delicious and came from CakeToppers Ltd and the flowers were from the amazing Bloom& Wild!
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3 – Online… Not sure what’s been going on over on Instagram lately but my followers seem to suddenly be soaring!! I have gotten nearly 300 followers over the past fortnight! This probably has something to do with the awesome insta-pod groups we have set up through the tribe to help battle the new algorithms!! Well all I can say is it’s working so a huge thanks to Fi from A Mum Track Mind for organising them all so well! Do you follow me?
4 – Offline… If you follow me, you’ll know that we have had some toddling from Alyssa recently. Well, I can officially say that we have a walker. It is her preferred method of transport now (we do have a few bruises on the bum I might add!!) So this week, I will be taking my not so little girl for a shoe fitting in a lovely local shop here in Dorset that I have had my eye on… can’t wait but I wish she’d slow down with this whole growing thing!
5 – Online… I was really touched this week to be approached by someone who has asked me to help them set up their own blog. They have great ideas and I love their writing style, they just don’t have the technical know how. I am more than happy to help her and cannot wait for her to launch her blog… watch this space!
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Well that’s it from me this week – I told you poorly bubba means I have not done much. Hopefully so more stuff happens this coming week… we may actually break free from the house! What has been happening with you?


  1. love finding the positive in a week – it’s a much better way to look at life! Sorry to hear Alyssa was so poorly – here’s hoping an even more positive week coming up – and more sleep! The tribal awards were amazing – you are a total star for organising my lovely xx

  2. You’ve had a right roller coaster haven’t you lovely. Doing 38 hours straight deserves an award in its own right I think! Hope you’ve caught up on your sleep now?
    So pleased the IG technique is working for you! My other top tip is IG stories – get a few out a day, I’ve noticed a big difference by doing that too.
    Thanks for arranging tribal awards it was awesome and so happy you enjoyed yours xx

  3. I loved the tribal awards- so much fun! I’m trickling in a few followers each day from instagram but really need to work a bit harder at it. I find it hard to find photos each day as I don’t post face on photos of my little girl. I’m going to have to go away and think up plan for instagram. Im currnetly on 900 followers but would love to get to 100 soon.

    I hope you have a more productive week this week xx


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