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Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 23
26th January 2017
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Good Things To Come…
30th January 2017

Having a MOMAzing Breakfast!

I  think I have probably spent the better part of my entire life on some sort of sodding diet and actually I tend to do much better when I don’t diet but eat healthily and watch my portion control too and know that when I am full I should stop eating and that actually it is okay to leave food on the plate (something that my Thinking Slimmer training is helping me with!) Then I go and get asked if I want to try a new food and my head is screaming “No, DON’T DO IT!! You’ll like it and then you’ll eat loads and you’ll never lose weight blah blah blah blah” and my heart is going “Oh but you like food. Food is soooo yummmy!” You see my quandry, but then you have to remember that not all food is bad for you is it?! It’s all about MOMAmoderation…

Now, if you have ever done the Slimming World Diet (or even if you haven’t) you will have heard the term “Over-night Oats!” Basically the idea is that you put a portion of oats, some fat free yogurt and some fruit in a bowl overnight in the fridge so they are ready for the next morning for breakfast. Now, this is all very well and good but when you are a single working mum who has a baby/a purple box of MOMA cereal with a bowlful next to it and a spoontoddler that often goes through the sleeping patterns of a newborn making you a close resemblance to a zombie, you’ll forgive me if I don’t always remember to make stuff the night before (I may pass out over my laptop!) Huge problem when you like overnight oats and they are a great part of your diet meaning I usually resorted to butter-less toast and… that is just WRONG!

Well, I need worry no more. Introducing MOMA (Making Oats More Awesome) which is a raspberry and coconut flavoured muesli. Now, I know what you are thinking… but that isn’t the same as overnight oats, but that is where you are wrong. You pour yourself a bowl, add some apple juice and some natural yogurt (I used some with honey though you can have plain or any flavour) mix and then leave for five minutes. So, I did this and then made Alyssa some toast and then took both our breakfasts to the table and sat down, I have to say rather dubiously, to try out these new “over-night oats!”

an apple a pile of MOMA oats and yogurt on a wooden table in a row with addition symbols between them

Well damn if they were not delicious! Seriously they were really  good and less mushy than overnight oats can sometimes get and I liked the extra wetness. Also, you know how that “suggested portion size” on that back of a packet is normally one mouthful and then you’re hungry and snacking until lunch?! Well, I followed the amounts exactly and was really pleased with the portion allowance and I did find it really filling. Of course in walked my mum wondering what I was munching, saw “gluten free” on the box and went and grabbed herself a bowl and she loved them too. I am not a huge fan of coconut at all but it is not a strong flavour, there is just a nice general fruitiness to the whole thing and I have always loved muesli ever since I was a little girl and would eat it with my nanny!

close up show of the MOMA oats and fruit before adding any liquid

So, MOMA get a huge thumbs up from me and I am sure a lot of other sleep deprived parents who want to eat right but don’t necessarily have the time (or brain power) to prepare things way in advance. This is a great breakfast you can eat in a hurry and know that it is going to keep you going in a nice and healthy way. Now all I have to do is hide the rest of the boxes so that Nonna doesn’t have it all to herself!

You can head over to the MOMA SHOP and take a look at their shop and see some of the amazing ranges they have available!

If you like to try and eat healthily why not check out some of my healthy recipes over IN THE KITCHEN!

*This was a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.



  1. Emma says:

    Oh Moma look delicious! I really struggle with what to eat for breakfast and need something quick and easy but also healthy. I will have to look for these 🙂

  2. Kayla Arnold says:

    This looks like something that would make me feel great in the morning! I’ll have to try it! #FoodieFriday

  3. Ooh I used to love getting the little ready made MOMA snack pots at London Bridge when I used to work up there. They’re really yummy! #foodiefriday

  4. Amy says:

    The idea of overnight oats is horrid lol yours r much better!

  5. donna says:

    I hate breakfast. I get so bored of it. Toast or cereal. And you’re stuck with the same cereal until it runs out. You wouldn’t have the same lunch everyday for a week!

    …Looks lovely! #foodiefriday

  6. I don’t do breakfast but this does sound delicious

  7. These sound great! I love overnight oats but like you said I often forget. Will have to look out for these.


  8. Zoe says:

    I never eat breakfast. I’m terrible! I may try these though, I sometimes use muesli instead of porridge to make “muesli fingers” for little miss 10 months (an adaptation of porridge fingers from my BLw book)

    As for portion sizes when it comes to eating in general. We changed our entire crockery set so we now have much smaller dinner plates, it’s made a huge difference to our portion sizes. (I also tend to measure stuff before cooking, so even on Christmas Day, there were no leftovers! ) thank you for sharing! #foodieFriday

  9. Deb Sharratt says:

    Breakfast oats are fab. Haven’t tried these ones yet.

  10. Twin Pickle says:

    I am terrible wiTh breakfast! Mine usually involves toast that just gets stolen by the twins so I usually just starve 😂 This look yum though! #foodiefriday

  11. Suchitra says:

    Looks delicious even though I am not a big muesli fan. I hear you on diets and portion control. If only I could remember the darn portion control thing when I am so firkin’ hungry all the time. #foodiefriday

  12. Sounds tasty! I love your food photography. So pretty. Although the glob of yoghurt on the worktop kind of cracks me up ;-). My family really out to eat more mueslix. We tend to default to very sugary cereals that don’t stick with you. Very naughty of us. #foodiefriday

  13. These look lovely, I also find over night oats a little mushy so I like the idea of a bit more bite. I find portion control is the biggest aspect when I need to loose some weight, it’s so easy to over eat especially when you enjoy something. Good luck with it

  14. Moma looks really good. I mostly like to have toast for breakfast but I would certainly give this a go

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