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4th July 2020
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Harry Potter Magic Capsules – Unboxing Magic!

harry potter magic capsule
*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.
I have never made any secret of the fact that I LOVE Harry Potter. I was always a hardcore book fan but much later on got into the films too (though still prefer the books!) I have done the Harry Potter Studio Tour a couple of times as well as creating Harry Potter Gift Guides for special occasions too. I am secretly hoping that when Alyssa is old enough to watch the films she will love them just as much – I may even start reading the books to her soon, just so that I can read them again too! I am always on the lookout for the latest Harry Potter “thing” to come to the market so when I was offered one of the new Harry Potter Magic Capsules to unbox and demo, I could hardly say no!

harry potter magic capsule

The Harry Potter Magic Capsules offer a brand new way to unbox and collect enchanting creatures and wizards from the wizarding world. Each crest contains one of 10 iconic characters from Series 1 to collect.

Inside each of the crest boxes you will find “7 magical surprises” and the idea is that there are 2 clues before opening the main chamber to help you guess who it is inside. Something great from Kaptoys for kids to play with, swap and collect!

We decided it would be a great idea to show you guys how these work and a walk through of what you get inside. So, with the help of my little mini assistant we created our unboxing and demo video…


As I said in the video, these are going to be available in Tesco and all major toy stores from mid-July 2020. The RRP is £9.99. In all honesty I think this is a little steep for the product. The 7 magical surprises were not what I expected, especially as two of them were simply colour changing pieces of paper. The little figurine is really decent quality and if you have a child who doesn’t lose tiny bits then this is definitely a great idea. I imagine this would either need to be carefully kept in a box to not lose the tiny pieces or simply displayed and just the figurine and the animal played with.

The crest box is good quality and easy to open and the envelopes inside look really good as well. I think these will be super popular, but I can imagine that they may come across as a little pricey for the contents – you’re paying for the name here.


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