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16th July 2018
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17th July 2018
With Alyssa’s birthday fast approaching, I am always on the lookout for gifts to give her, right up until the last minute. My little one has such diverse tastes in what she loves to do and play with. However, like her mama she also loves anything pretty and sparkly, be it clothes or things around the home. I really wanted to find something beautiful for her room that she’ll be able to keep and treasure for a long time to come but that is diverse enough to go with lots of different interiors as you can guarantee her tastes will change as much as her room in years to come. I’m all about supporting growing businesses and love a good browse on Etsy, so when I came across Handmakes & Keepsakes, I was bowled over by the beauty of the items available and when they asked if I’d like to review one of their items, how could I say no…

It has to be said that Handmakes & Keepsakes was an absolute find on Etsy and I’m so pleased to be supporting a small business. The business is run by Vicky, a military wife currently based in bath, with a penchant for beautiful things! With so many items to choose from, be it a jewellery box, a key ring, beautiful bunny bunting for a nursery or amazingly pink quartz drinks coasters, there is something for everyone.

As I said, Alyssa is a girly girl like her mama and is becoming so much her own person it’s astounding, so what better way to celebrate her and her birthday than with a beautiful Personalised Floral Initial. These are available in many different formats; framed/unframed, obviously the letter of your choice and surprisingly also available in the colours of your choice… you want blue roses, then you order blue roses. Vicky even offers metallic colours, though these do have to be individually hand-painted so are slightly more expensive.

I opted for a gorgeous pink floral A in a frame and when it arrived I was blown away by the beauty and quality of the item. It arrived carefully wrapped in plenty of tissue paper and bubble wrap and peeling it back (you can watch the opening over on my IGTV) revealed the most beautiful gift.

In a wooden white frame (which does have a hanging hook on the back) sits a beautiful pink floral A made up of individual pink flowers. This sits on top of a white glitter background and around the bottom are clear crystal beads that fall and shift with any movement of the frame. Across the bottom, in a beautiful script, is her full name written in a pink glitter which just finishes it off perfectly!

I honestly can’t wait to give it to Alyssa for her birthday and to watch her keep it with her for years to come.
I’d definitely recommend having a browse through Handmakes and Keepsakes because there is something there for every one and every occasion and I’ll be going back very soon – beautiful, quality products, what more could you want?!


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1 Framed letter for 1 Winner –  no monetary exchange available
Winner can choose the letter they’d like and the colour scheme
Contest is open until 05/08/2018
Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of Handmakes and Keepsakes
 Mummy in a Tutu cannot be held responsible for lost prizes
This post was written in collaboration with Handmakes and Keepsakes – all opinions are my own
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  1. That’s just stunning

  2. Wow! What a stunning product. I love this so much. Perfect for a Christening gift, new baby gift, wedding gift. Amazing!

  3. Alica says:

    I would get the letter B and in the pink too, they are gorgeous!

  4. Annabel Greaves says:

    I would get E for Emily for my daughter

  5. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Letter E red and white – they are stunning

  6. Helen Best says:

    Letter H in Grey, white & Black to match my decor they look Amazing xx

  7. Sadiyya Maryam says:

    Letter M in pink for my daughter.

  8. Solange says:

    I would get the letter S in pink.

  9. Tracy Nixon says:

    B in blue flowers

  10. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Letter P in pink flowers for my niece.

  11. Susan B says:

    U in mixed colours

  12. Sean Eccles says:

    C in pink for my daughter

  13. Katie says:

    I would get S for Sofia

  14. Angela Treadway says:

    letter C for my mum in purple and pink x

  15. Ruth Harwood says:

    Letter R and purple flowers xx

  16. cheryl hadfield says:

    Letter L for my daughter Lyla

  17. Michelle Smith says:

    M for Melody in pink flowers

  18. gemma hendry says:

    M for my daughter mali, orange flowers

  19. jo liddement says:

    This is so lovely and i would choose the letter F and colour purple

  20. Carrie-Anne Brown says:

    An S for my friends little girl and different shades of blue 🙂

  21. This is so beautiful! I’d get a ‘M’ for Marianna and it would have to be pink, of course. 🙂

  22. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    I’d have P in white

  23. Laura Turner says:

    A letter T in pinks for my god-daughter Talulah.

  24. Vicky H says:

    L and Pink flowers.

  25. Bee HUNT says:

    Wow..those are beautiful..I’ve seen other types of pictures with inserts but must say I’d really love to receive one of these! I’d choose C with orangey colours for a very special friend who deserves a lovely gift.

  26. sheri Darby says:

    A in pink flowers for my daughter Amy

  27. Danielle Spencer says:

    D is purple

  28. Rebecca Whatmore (@0zzyhog) says:

    R and purple for memory of our wedding

  29. christine ODonnell says:

    The letter A for my beautiful granddaughter who was born 2 weeks ago and is gorgeous and this would be a wonderful original gift for her.

  30. JULIE WARD says:

    The letter S in blues

  31. Natalie Crossan says:

    The letter B in pinks 🙂

  32. Adrian Bold says:

    The letter P in pink for my Mum

  33. Kim Neville says:

    The letter J in Pink for my daughter

  34. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    The letter J in pink

  35. Sarah Roberts says:

    l would love the S in Reds, they are so beautiful!

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