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Great-Looking Storage Pieces for Your Living Room

If you’re anything like me, you can’t abide clutter. But when you’re running a busy family home, clutter is something you often have to put up with. However, when it comes to your living room, you want this space to be as neat and tidy as possible, while evoking plenty of style. So here are some great storage ideas that should have you achieving a gorgeous, spacious feel in your living room in no time at all:

4 stacks of tall blue shelves to the ceiling with cupboards underneath and mason jars with cooking ingredients stood on each shelf

Add a Cabinet or Two

If you’ve got the space, nothing’s going to provide you with more storage than a good old cabinet. But don’t worry, these don’t have to be dull and lacklustre, as they can really create some added wow factor in the room too.

Cox & Cox, for example, have some stunning designs, whether you’re looking for a contemporary finish or one that’s more understated and traditional. Just consider what it is you’re going to be storing and how this is going to look.

For instance, if you want to have somewhere to store books, DVDs and CDs, a glass-fronted cabinet may be ideal. But rather than just laden it with all these things so it’s crammed full, be selective in the books etc. you place in there and add in a few accessories as well. Things like candles, ornaments and picture frames will turn this cabinet into a stunning display while allowing you to declutter other areas.

Utilise a Sideboard or Console Table

These pieces of furniture are incredibly versatile. Not only do they give you some of that much-needed storage behind closed doors but they also allow you to add layers of design to the room.

You could position one behind your sofa so it’s floating in the middle of the room. Then, add some lamps to make a feature of the table and use it for added surface space for drinks, accessories and picture frames.

Finish with Wicker Baskets

Now, for those other little items that won’t fit into your larger storage units, opt for stylish baskets that you don’t mind having on show. These are ideal for things like remotes, magazines, newspapers and all those other bits and bobs that soon creep out all over the place.

You can place these baskets under your coffee table, in a storage unit, next to your TV, on the sideboard – you get the idea. They really do help you pack things away without detracting anything from the room.

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