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8th June 2020
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17th June 2020

Great Father’s Day Gifts you Can Snag Online

*This is a collaborative post.
With Father’s Day fast approaching, if you’re anything like us, you’re in a mad dash to find that perfect gift for your Dad, partner or the father figure in your life. With so many of us staying home more than not, though, it can be hard to find the perfect gift when you’re confined to a laptop or your smartphone. The good news is it’s easier than you think to find amazing, thoughtful gifts for that special Dad in your life, right from your own home!

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Customised Photo Gifts

Customised photo gifts aren’t really anything new – anybody who has ever printed out a photo calendar at their local retail outlet or bought a photo coffee mug from their kid’s school fundraiser knows that. But photo-gifts have come a long way recently. Nowadays you can buy some really amazing and innovative high-def photo gifts for the Dad who seemingly has everything. 

Sites like Pixa Prints have some really cool gifts that won’t break the budget and you can customise every single detail right from your own computer. You can design everything from high-quality glass prints to more fun gifts like customised mousepads, posters or elegant, sophisticated canvas prints. No matter Dad’s style, you can find something gorgeous and to his taste. Best of all, once you’ve finished your design they ship it right to your door. 

And if you’re still a fan of the old-school photo mug? They do that, too. 


Custom Treats chocolate

It’s easy to snag a quick box of chocolates or hot sauce trio set from your local store. Dad’s all over know to expect those gifts (and hey, you can’t go wrong with Dad’s favourite treat, so it’s not like they’re complaining). 

But these days, with everything so easily done online, and many of us fans of the customise-everything lifestyle philosophy, you can design your own customised snacks for a truly unique gift-giving experience. 

You name it, you can customise it. Everything from the aforementioned chocolates and hot sauce, to design-your-own-cookies, custom meal kits, beer and wine brewing kits, and more – whatever his favourite treat is, you can make something perfectly suited to his tastes. Design and customise something online or buy a kit and have fun whipping something up with the kids in your own kitchen – or better yet, let Dad do it! Customised, delicious fun is just a click away. 

Self-Care Itemsa dark haired man outside a green gate behind it is green trees. he is wearing a dark jacket and pink top

Women are big proponents of self-care, and for good reason. It’s no big surprise that items designed to pamper and relax rake in the big bucks when it comes to Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthdays. We like giving the mothers and wives in our lives something to help them feel great. 

Why not let the men in on the experience? After all, men need self-care as much as the rest of us, and often are overlooked when it comes to those pampering, comforting gifts. A nice pair of slippers, a delicious-smelling aftershave, or a cushy weighted blanket makes a lovely Father’s Day gift that will have him feeling relaxed and calm. You can find all sorts of wonderful ideas, even handmade products, online that are as relaxing and comforting as they are affordable. 

Kits, Boxes and Crates

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage. If you’re like us, you probably already subscribe to a couple yourself. Everything from food crates, to video games and movies, sports, books, cosmetics, shaving kits, and so much more – anything you can think of, it comes in the form of a crate, box or kit. 

Why not do some research and pick out a truly awesome subscription box for Dad? It’s the gift that keeps on giving, since he’ll get one every single month for a year. Surprise him with innovative and fun trinkets, foods or entertainment every month out of the year, to show him how much he means to you. There are so many options available: sock boxes for the Dad who loves his sock collection, loot crate for the nerdy dad in your life, a food/meal subscription service for the Papa who wants to brush up on his cooking skills, a shaving kit for the Dad who obsesses over his facial grooming…the possibilities are endless!


You can’t go wrong with books, and now is a great time to buy one (or an armful). For those who are stuck at home a bit more than usual, it’s a great time to get hooked on a new series or catch up on those great new releases from a favourite author. 

Consider buying local from one of the many indie bookstores across the country, many of whom are happy to ship items or do curbside pickup; you’ll be supporting a local or small business and giving a great gift at the same time. Many of these smaller bookstores are doing monthly or even weekly subscription boxes, catered to your favourite guy’s literary tastes, and “surprise me” boxes, too! There’s great ways to be creative when it comes to giving the gift of reading. Who doesn’t love a good book? 


Giving the gift of a music subscription service like Spotify is a great gift idea, or you can go old-school and buy your Dad’s favorite vinyl online with ease. Many local record stores offer online purchasing or you can buy from sites like Record Store Day or other online outlets. Vinyl is making a huge comeback; wouldn’t the guy in your life love a few of his favourite albums on vinyl, the way it was intended? They make a great gift. 

These are just a few fun and innovative gift ideas for Father’s Day that you can purchase without ever having to leave the house. These thoughtful Father’s Day gifts will make any Dad happy, whether he’s a music lover, a foodie, a sports enthusiast or just loves a good book. No matter what you choose, he’s going to love his present.



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