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30th January 2017
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30th January 2017

Good Things To Come…

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I have spoken before about the struggles I have had with driving (you can read all about it in Look, Swerve, Crash!) but it got to a point in my life where enough was enough and not being able to drive was holding me back. I was not sure how I was ever going to afford to buy a car, even an old banger! I had just returned from living in Italy and was starting from scratch in the job market and was back living at home for a while. However, some wonderful family friends who were getting new cars, were wonderful enough to give me their practically unused 3 year old car and allowed me to pay it off in monthly installments. This was amazing for me as I was able to learn in my own car and then even do my test in it which put me much more at ease though I was still a nervous wreck. Now, the car wasn’t exactly my dream car, it was the epitome of what you would call a “soccer mum’s” car, but it was going to get me from a to b and I loved my little noddy car…

speed dials of a car


Moving back in with my mum when I found out I was pregnant, meant my car was often left unused on the driveway as we went most places together and our cars, apart from being different colours, were pretty much identical. When my sister-in-laws car broke down and finally gave up the ghost (this was a loooonnnnggg time coming!!) I didn’t hesitate before allowing them to use my car as they have bad car credit finance and sosteering wheel they wouldn’t have been able to afford to get themselves a new car for a while. It was fine by me because I had my mum’s red noddy car and if we both needed one, she had a very nice gift of a Peugeot cabriolet for her birthday so there was never really a problem with this.

Several, several, several months later and I still hadn’t seen my car again and apart from some payments that were coming out of my account I had forgotten that I even owned my own car. The of course, my gorgeous little niece arrived and it seemed more fitting than ever that they, my brother, sister-in-law and little niece, have a decent and safe car to get around in. So, after a lot of thought and umming and ahhing, I pickenoddy in his yellow and red little toy card up the phone and informed my little brother that I would be giving him a VERY VERY nice birthday present in the form of my beloved Noddy car…. needless to say they were a bit shocked and overwhelmed by the gift but accepted it nonetheless.

This did make me feel a little sad as I thought about what Noddy and I had gone through but also that I had rather stupidly put myself back at the bottom of the car-food-chain… when would I need to get myself another car? Would I be able to afford one? Could I get car finance? However, I needn’t have worried about it for too long. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that we are actually in the processes of selling our house at the moment and moving and Alyssa and I will be moving with my mum and her partner wherever we end up going. However, despite the fact that this will be her money and her savings, my gorgeous mummy has told me that she will buy me a car (second hand but I DON’T CARE!!) when the house has sold?!? How amazing is that? Not only that, but she wants to get me my dream car. This may sound silly, but I have wanted this car since I was 16 and so hopefully in the not too distant future I will be the proud owner of one of the new model VW Bugs!! In an ideal world I’d love it in pink (I know I know soooo barbie) but as long as it has 4 wheels and runs then I am fine with that – can you just imagine Alyssa and I cruising around in it with our tutus on?! Amazing!!

pink vw beetle car

We have so much going on in our lives at the moment – new babies being born, new careers, selling houses and buying cars, but from what I can see it is all positive and about moving forwards. Looks like we have a lot of good things to come…
This is a collaborative post – all thoughts are my own

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  1. Emma says:

    Oh I have always wanted a VW beetle car! They are so cute. Fingers crossed you get it soon 🙂

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