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Giving Gifts ‘Just Because’

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Most people only give gifts to mark special occasions and although celebrating these holidays and life events are important – there is an increase in the popularity of giving gifts ‘just because’.  These gifts do not have to be particularly elaborate or expensive. Giving a gift ‘just because’ lets someone know that you are thinking of them, that you care for them.

An unexpected present can be an uplifting experience for the receiver, and your actions’ selflessness can also make you feel better. Read on for a list of suggestions and menial events that you can give gifts to commemorate. 

If Someone You Know is Struggling

If you have a friend that’s got a busy week ahead or if you know they’ve not been having the best time lately, giving them a small token can show them how much you appreciate them. These gifts don’t have to be big; you can simply drop them a meal round. Or give them a box of chocolates, or a candle, or some flowers. You do not even have to give these gifts in person. You can send them something. The internet is full of websites that you can use to send someone a gift remotely, such as sweethampercompany.co.uk, which sells hampers, bouquets and bundles of sweets to suit all budgets and receiving one of those will certainly brighten your loved one’s day.

If Someone You Know is Starting a New Job

Whether the person you know is a teen about to start their first job or you simply have a friend making a career move, that first day at a new job can be daunting. Whether you feel you’re qualified or not, it is natural to be nervous. A good gift for someone starting at a new job is a gift card. That way they can buy themselves new clothes or shoes or even office supplies that they might need. You can add a note of encouragement to show them that you believe in them. 

If Someone You Know is About to be an Empty Nester

If you have a friend or a family member who is sending their child off to university or if they are about to find their homes empty for the first time in a while, a gift might cheer them up. The transition can be an exceptionally lonely time for empty nesters. If you know that person well, you can consider gifting them a hobby that you think they’ll enjoy. For example, you can give them a starter kit for crocheting, embroidery, or a new cookbook. Getting your friend involved in a new hobby is the perfect way to give them a bit of an escape as well as show them that you’re thinking of them.

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If Someone You Know is Sick or Injured

This will be contingent on the severity of the illness and their condition. If they simply have the flu, then dropping off some meals or some food shopping can be a lovely gesture that they will greatly appreciate. If their illness is more severe or if they are going to spend a lot of time recovering, for example, if they have broken a bone, then a gift that they can use long term would be better. For example, you could gift them a book or a subscription to a publication or streaming service so that they have something to fill their time. You could also get them a subscription box sent to their house monthly for something to look forward to.

If You Need Cheering Up

Oftentimes, people feel their best when they are actively helping others and positively impacting their lives. Giving someone a gift can help you get out of a slump because it is hard not to be infected by someone else’s happiness, especially if you are its cause. Seeing the look on someone’s face or hearing their gratitude can help you feel better about yourself by reminding you of your connection and importance to others.

In Conclusion

There is no such thing as ‘no good reason to give a gift’. You do not have to wait for a special occasion to show someone how much you appreciate them. Sometimes there is truly no reason at all for you to give a gift, but you still won’t regret taking the initiative. There are things that you can do if you would rather do something than give something. Sometimes giving the gift of your time or attention is enough. Offer to host your friend for dinner or to take them out for a coffee; the gesture itself is what is important. You will never lose anything simply because you are giving to someone else; however, you may feel guilty if you later discover that one of your friends could’ve done with a little pick me or that they were going through a tough time. 

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