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Getting Ready for Summer with Very

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, summer is not going to be what we hoped it would but that doesn’t mean it has to be bad. I am determined to ensure Alyssa has a summer holidays that she loves and makes lots of memories. It helps that her birthday is the last week of term, meaning we can celebrate as much as possible. However, with clubs opening for summer, she is going to be enjoying swimming practice, tennis camp and kids club throughout the whole summer. We will though have days together and long weekends and I wanted to make sure we had the tools at home to enjoy ourselves and avoid the super busy tourist spots and attractions wherever possible. Very invited me to get ready for summer with their amazing selection of activities for both inside and out.

We don’t have an outdoor space with our home but we do have our allotment, family gardens in our village and an amazing array of outdoor spaces to make use of in our community to make use of throughout the summer. Very has a huge range of Outdoor toys and Educational Toys that will be perfect for summer.

I knew right from the start that I wanted to get Alyssa a new bike. She has been practising without her stabilisers and doing so well but she has completely outgrown her old bike and is ready for the next size up and a big girl bike to enjoy zooming about the village on. The Sonic Pop Girls 16 inch Wheel bike was my choice and it is just perfect. I know she is going to be over the moon with it on her birthday and will probably be where she spends most of her time this summer. Very has such a huge range of bikes and scooters too for all ages and what better way to spend a summers day than biking somewhere for a picnic!

I also wanted to make sure she was kitted out for summer – she has all the shorts, t-shirts and dresses but she has been going through shoes like nobodies business, especially her trainers as she has had to wear them to school a lot for sports. So I managed to find her an amazing pair of Sketchers Tread Lite Girls trainers which are waterproof and have built in cushioned padding to make sure they’re comfortable for her and don’t rub. Plus they’re elasticated and velcro meaning she can pop them on herself and no chance of her getting any laces caught when riding her bike!

Of course with it being a British summer, I cannot guarantee that the weather is always going to be bright and summer, especially if June is anything to go by so I think Arts and Crafts will definitely be the way forward. Everyone knows Alyssa is a Disney Frozen fan and I found this awesome Crayola Frozen 2 bundle as well as a Frozen Anna and Elsa Dough Set plus loads of great play sets and top-ups from Playdoh!

What’s great is that with all the acitivities I have chosen for us over summer, Alyssa will still be learning and growing as a person without even realising it. She’ll be learning and growing key skills which will help her as she embarks on Year 2 in September – not sure how she is ready for that yet, but still!

Are you ready for the summer holidays?

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