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Where did that glorious weather come from, we had over Easter? I don’t know about you but we spent the first day sorting out the garden which in other words means turning it back into a garden as opposed to a jungle and then I didn’t see much of Alyssa after that as she simply disappeared outside each morning and came in when she was hungry! However, once we had cleared the garden, I did take a look around and realise she didn’t have much left in it. We had previously bought her a sort of tower with a slide etc. but she had grown so much over the past year that it had become too small and we’d sold it a few days before.

a swing at sunset in a garden

alyssa sat in a wooden sandpit in the shape of a boat at sunsetThis meant that the only real thing left for her to play with, was a second-hand plastic slide from our neighbours and her pirate ship sandpit which we couldn’t actually get any new sand for until day 3! So, I thought I’d have a look around and see what was on the market for the garden for children of her age and make sure we’ve got something sorted for the next batch of good weather (I am ever hopeful.)

I have to say that I do prefer more natural looking play-sets etc for the garden as opposed to lots of plastic, so I have been looking at wooden swings because these are the first thing she goes to when we visit the park. You can get some really nice ones, that are easy to put together and simply need to be secured into the ground which you can do with some ready-made concrete. If you get them from a brand such as Wickey you then also have the option of extending the swing sets with a slide or sandpit!

Call me a glutton for punishment but I was also looking at mud kitchens because what child doesn’t love either a kitchen or mud. Alyssa is not fussed about mud, but she does love a kitchen play-set so one of these would be ideal.

Finally, for those long summer days, especially when we have cousin Lily visiting as well, a paddling pool is going to be essential. I’m not going to be able to avoid plastic on this one but I will be trying to maintain it with puncture repair kits because we have jumping kids and cats and perhaps if it does meet it’s maker, find another use for the leftover pool when we’re finished, like a pond liner.

a bbq with burgers on and someone flipping them with a flame coming up

Now all I need to do is wheel out the barbecue, make some delicious burgers and we’ll be ready for a great summer that’s ahead.



  1. I love getting the kids outside in the garden. They much much less mess in the house that way! #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Laurie says:

    Thanks for the wonderful garden ideas! My grandsons love to be outside and this is the perfect time of year to be in the garden.

  3. Yes! Outdoor fun is the whole gift of summer!

  4. Anne says:

    I love that pirate ship sand pit! Problem is, my cats would probably think it was a litter tray. We love our swings even though the kids are getting a big big for them now.

  5. Crummy Mummy says:

    We don’t have a garden but we do have an allotment which the kids love – especially the paddling pool #ablogginggoodtime