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9th July 2018
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12th July 2018
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I was chatting to a friend the other day who asked if I had any upcoming plans and I was telling her about all the days out we had planned and that we’d be heading off to Greece in September for a holiday with the family. They asked if this was with Alyssa and I obviously replied of course it was because where else was I going to leave her? Plus, she deserves a holiday too and absolutely adored the week we’d spent in Tenerife the previous November. I was then asked what the point of taking a small child was because they will never remember it and it’s just a lot of hassle isn’t it?!

4 children gathered round and open old empty suitcase dressed in hats and coats in the middle of a green field

Well, apart from possibly needing a bit more space in your car, a slightly bigger bag for the day or suitcase for the holiday to fit all their bits and pieces in, no it isn’t! If you didn’t go anywhere with small children that was different and fun you’d either go absolutely batty or be constantly leaving them.

You’d be surprised what children do remember. Alyssa was just two when we went to Tenerife but she can remember the plane, the swimming pool and the Disco and what’s more, I remember. I took so many photos, kept souvenirs and made so many memories I am looking forward to sharing with her.

Yes, there are certain places I don’t take her because I know she will be bored rotten but it’s definitely worth giving your children the benefit of the doubt as they may surprise you. I have the opportunity to be in London for a few days at the end of the Summer and won’t be working much, so I’m going to book one of the family friendly tours. I love the idea that a fun and knowledgeable local will give my family and I a look at London that perhaps others might miss. Plus, we can customise it to suit us, meaning plenty of stops which will keep Alyssa entertained AND no worry about getting lost!

I can’t wait to see Alyssa’s face as she gets to look round all the wonders that London has to offer. I really want to take her into Hamleys but might wait until Christmas for this so she can see Santa too. However, I think a private tour with a local who has genuine knowledge of the area, who have been carefully vetted to ensure they’re ready to meet everyone’s needs, including the children’s,  will make a huge difference to the experience and make it a lot less hassle!

I will also have a few hours with my nephew Rowan and niece Rhiannon so I am really tempted to book us on the Harry Potter tour with a true fan. I have a bit of Potter fever again after recently visiting the new opening of the Goblet of Fire set that is being displayed at the Warner Bros Studio tour AND I took these two super fans with me then and we have not stopped talking about it since so I’d love to see what a true fan could show us. It’s also, again, a family friendly tour meaning that I wouldn’t need to find someone to have Alyssa and we could all enjoy it together!

Too many people are, for want of a better word, “scared” to travel with children when they are young. Believe me, I understand but at the end of the day we know our own children and we know their limits. There is no way I would take Alyssa to a really fancy afternoon tea or a 5 hour tour round a china museum… that is just asking for trouble.

However, don’t let fear or concern stop you from creating amazing memories for you and your children. They may not remember most of it but you will and it will be your job to show and tell them the memories you made when they were young. I find London truly magical, especially Covent Garden which I’m hoping to take Alyssa to see. She won’t understand the magic to me yet, but maybe one day it will be magic for her too.

Visiting London with Children – Yay or Nay?! Of course yay! Just stay safe and have fun!

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  1. We have always taken our kids away, they need holidays too, and may not remember everything but will remember spending time togethre as a family on holiday, hope you have a great time x

  2. Growing clan says:

    Totally agree – I took my little boy to winter wonderland for his first Christmas (6 months old) yes he won’t remember but I do and we have some of our favourite pictures of him from that day x

  3. Kirsty Hall says:

    We live in London and there is so much to do with kids. Our kids look forward to our travels and I think it widens their horizons so for me totally a yes!

  4. I love taking the kids to visit places! I think if you can find a balance between doing things they will enjoy you can throw in some things us adults like from a day out too. I can’t wait to take Emelia to London properly! Definitely on my to do list when we move back home

  5. It is so exciting watching their eyes light up with new experiences, we can’t hold them back because of fear it only makes them more anxious. I would love to take mine overseas we just haven’t had the money yet, but we have done lots of trips within Australia and the memories and looking back on photos make us all so happy.

  6. We had a brilliant time when we visited years back when our kids were seven and eight. So much to do and see and a wonderful buzz #ablogginggoodtime

  7. Tubbs says:

    We’re lucky enough to live near London so take it for granted a bit … Which reading your post makes me feel a bit bad …

    Thing is, although children may not remember it all, we do. Part of taking them places is so we can create memories that we can share with the later. The Tubblet may not remember going to the US when she was three to visit family but we do. And knowing she was able to see her great uncle before he died is really important to us.

  8. Kate says:

    After I lost my parents I worked out after a lot of soul-searching that making magical memories is all that actually counts and matters in the end so you keep on making them as you are. I have to admit I am a little nervous of London and other big cities these days with crime and terrorism but as I say memories first as they are great at the time and sustain us when bad stuff comes our way. Travel is great for children and makes them realise there are other ways to live which gives them freedom later on in life #abloggingoodtime

  9. Rosie says:

    I’ve done a few trips to London now with the kids and although it can be stressful, we’ve had a great time overall. I say yes! #ablogginggoodtime

  10. The guided tours around London with a local sound a really good idea! We obviously live in London and so can’t see why people wouldn’t visit with little ones – so many lovely memories can be made both outdoors and in galleries, museums and landmarks too. #ablogginggoodtime xx

  11. We still have not taken the kids to London yet but plan to next year. Bookmarking your site for when we do head there.

  12. I love visiting London with my 2 – we used to love in London for many years. It is easy to get around on the trains and buses and there is so much to see. #ablogginggoodtime