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5th April 2018
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9th April 2018
Before we moved house I used to hate our garden. There was nothing particularly wrong with it and before I had Alyssa I thought it was great. However, after she arrived all I could see were hazards! The majority of it was concrete or tarmac, it was almost all on a slope and the grassy bit was up to steps made out of old railway sleepers. Don’t get me wrong, my mum had done a great job of making it look nice, it just wasn’t very child friendly and there were lots of places to disappear and hide which as any parent knows can only mean trouble. So, when we found out we were moving, one of the main things we were looking for was a garden that Alyssa could grow up in. She loves nothing more than being outside come rain or shine so a good garden was our goal and luckily we found one. However, it needed a bit of TLC and of course we had to try and remember what it was like to enjoy a garden once again…

So, how to get to love our garden again was pretty simple really we just needed to put our own touches on it. Of course, first of all we wanted to add some colour and that would be flowers. We like ones that flower each year and with different sections of the garden we thought we’d add some variety. We had a little rockery area where we plant spreading flowers and heathers which hopefully won’t need much maintenance.a selection of wild flowers

We also have a purposefully overgrown area in which we scattered some wild flowers that we got purposefully for the honey bees plus they are really gorgeous. We were also fortunate to discover several plants and flowers already there including a beautiful climbing rose and Japanese maple which we’ve decided to leave.

Obviously the garden is all about the children and with so many of varying ages in the family we had a look at places like Little Tikes and Big Game Hunters for something to suit all ages – actually by the time we were done getting bits and finding some on places like Facebook Market Place our back garden looks like a bit of an advertisement for Toys r Us!

However, we are lucky that we also have a little patio area as well as some decking so this is the perfect section to make into our entertaining and relaxing area. So on the far side of our garden we have a small stone circle with the trellice arch that has the trailing rose over it so this Von Haus Garden Seat Love bench is perfect!

We picked up a great wooden table and 8 chairs from Facebook Market Place for an absolute bargain to go on the decking for summer BBQs and parties and have some loungers we brought with us for the other bit of patio. Obviously to entertain well we also need some gorgeous Summer Tableware that is also plastic so that there are no mishaps with children and things that break!

With all of this set up and with us ready to go all we need now is for the cold and rain to disappear and for summer to completely arrive. Even Spring would be nice to be honest as it all seems a blimmin long time coming. However, at least when it does finally get here we’ll be ready for it. Of course now I’ve said all this I’be probably jinxed it… although at least I didn’t mention paddling pools right?! Opps!
*This is a collaborative post

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