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25th June 2018
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27th June 2018
It would be a bit hard not to notice that my little one is a mega girly girl. She likes most things pink and sparkly and has a major thing at the moment for stomping around in my high heeled shoes (all one pair of them that I own) and trying to ninja some of my make-up to put on. However, don’t underestimate her – she may like looking pretty and girly but she can kick a ball and dribble it past her daddy, she can overarm throw a ball quite a way and loves stomping through the woods to explore or jumping on her scooter for a ride. She also absolutely loves trains. For Christmas last year, we bought her the Fairy Town Wooden Train Set from BigJigs toys. We got a standard track set and then a wooden bridge, a tunnel, some extra trains and a great accessories set. What is brilliant is it combines her love of all things pink and magical with a great building toy that she loves that we can continue adding to. When Big Jigs heard her birthday was coming up, the kindly asked if we’d like to review the Lilypad Turntable and the Pixie Dust Tree House that go with our set! I was really looking forward to see what they were like…

As I said, we have previously bought BigJigs toys Fairy Town train set which is honestly just beautiful. It is all done in pinks and purples and some of the accessories are awesome – everything from unicorn figures to giant toadstools and fairies. This has been a popular toy of Alyssa’s since she got it last Christmas and we enjoy sitting on the floor together and building a different track each and every time. The other great thing is that you can constantly add to it with more track, trains and accessories and obviously you don’t have to just stick to the Fairy town pack as there are several.

As Alyssa’s birthday is coming up, I really wanted to add some key pieces to her collection as we now have a couple of bridges and one tunnel but not many other stop points. The lovely people at BigJigs toys sent me two key pieces from the Fairy Town Train Set collection and I couldn’t wait to have a look.

Firstly we were sent the Lilypad Turntable – how cute is this?! There is literally no assembly required as it comes already made. The only thing you need to do is click the giant toadstool into place (there is a little slot available) and place the movable frog prince on a lily pad and you are good to go. As with all BigJigs toys, the quality is unquestionable – there is definitely something about wooden toys isn’t there?! The paintwork on the toy as well is absolutely beautiful.

The Lilypad DOESN’T come with any tracks or trains so this literally is an extra accessory to add to a collection. What happens is, you hook your track up and include the Lilypad Turntable into your build. When a train moves into the central island, you turn the big pink nob round and the train can turn to a different part of the track and be on it’s way. The turntable is not stiff at all and moves very easily meaning that younger children will have no problem doing this themselves at all. This really opens up a whole new lot of possibilities for track building.

Secondly we were sent the Pixie Dust Treehouse which is actually really cool (do kids even say cool these days?!?!) and a great addition to a track. This is more like an activity stop on your track than an extender but is definitely a great addition. There is a minor amount of assembly required, which is simply slotting the roof panels onto the top of the tree and this is done simply by slotting the gaps over the top of the bumps at the top.


The Pixie Dust Treehouse comes with ONE piece of Cargo and ONE carriage – there is no additional track or carriages included. So what happens is that you place the cargo at the top of the tree house. A train pulls in underneath and when the open carriage is in position under the loading hole, you knock the cargo from the top and it rolls down and into the waiting carriage. I’ve done a little demo below…

Again, this is gorgeous and beautifully decorated and the quality is there. I would have thought that it would have been better to include at least three rollable cargos as with how kids are, this could easily get lost and I am not actually sure if you can buy another desperately It is also a very specific shape and size so it is not like something else can easily be used in it’s place – my advice is DON’T lose it but you know what kids are like. There is also a little arch in the side of the tree so passengers can get on at this stop.

I never expected to be anything less than impressed with these BigJigs toys – it is such a wonderful set that I know Alyssa’s face will light up when she sees them on her birthday. I’ll let you know what she thinks when she does – in the meantime I thoroughly recommend these as additions for any wooden train set as they definitely add an extra element that kids will love, especially the Lilypad Turntable!
*We were sent the products for the purposes of this review – all opinions are our own.




  1. Rachel Evans says:

    Oh wow, these are lovely. My little girl is a very girly girl too, loves anything pink! She also loves to play with her older brothers wooden train set, so this would be fab!

  2. Della says:

    These look like so much fun! Our playroom is covered in train track….new one built everyday but doesn’t have the fairy magic these pieces have!
    Happy Birthday Alyssa!

  3. How adorable. #ablogginggoodtime

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