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22nd September 2016
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23rd September 2016

Every Mum Deserves a Diamond At Least Once in a Lifetime!

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Being a mother is a full time job as any mum will gladly tell you. From the moment that baby is born, your time is not your own. With 2AM feedings, colds, flus, bumps, strains and bruised feelings, there is always something demanding your attention while 50 million other things are going on in your life. Mums deserve honorary awards just for winning all the daily battles they endure and what better award is there than the one thing that is symbolic of both eternity and love, a diamond! Whether you are looking for a gift for the mother of your children, your own mother as a sign of gratitude or simply for yourself because you deserve it, a diamond is the perfect gift….

big diamond

Why a Diamond?

Of course mum has that diamond engagement ring on her finger from that day long ago when the question was asked and the answer was “Yes!” but that isn’t the diamdiamond heartond she deserves. That particular diamond is symbolic of the relationship that brought a couple together. It’s a symbol of a different kind of love. A mum’s diamond is symbolic of another type of undying, unconditional love, that of a mother for her children. It’s also a badge of honor – for battles well fought and undying service to the family.

What Kind of Diamond?

Here is where the question gets a bit tricky. It isn’t about the actual diamond because you have probably already visited sites like and chosen a diamond that was hand selected and among the top 10% of high quality gems. It’s about where that diamond will go. Will you buy a ring? A pendant? A brooch? Or have you decided on a series of smaller diamonds in a tennis bracelet or yet a diamond charm for that mother’s charm bracelet she lovingly wears, keeping her children close even while away from home? It’s just as important to choose the setting for your diamond/s as it is the diamond itself, so give this some serious thought.


Special Occasion or Just Because?

Then there is the thought that you may want to give mum that diamond for a special occasion such as her birthday, Christmas or even the most appropriate of all, Mother’s Day. Some families like to spring the surprise on mum on a random day not associated with anything at all, a ‘just because’ day when she would least expect such a magnificent gift. However, the one thing that should always be present when giving mum her ‘mother’s diamond’ is that the entire family should be there for this special occasion. The entire family tells mum how special she is and she deserves that once-in-a-lifetime jewel because she is a once-in-a-lifetime mum

1 big diamond

It is no easy task being a mum because your every waking moment is consumed with being a mum. It’s not a 9 to 5 that you can clock out of and relax the other 16 hours of the day and it certainly doesn’t come with a benefits package in the traditional sense. The benefits of being mum is the sparkle in those little eyes as they look up at you happy to be just where they want to be – with mum. Keep them with her always in that diamond token of undying love. It’s a gift she’ll treasure always. Every mum deserves a diamond at least once in a lifetime.

*This is a collaborative post.

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