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I don’t know about you but each year I find myself worrying about how I am going to afford Christmas. It seems to get more and more expensive each year and I am not even at the stage yet where Alyssa tells me what she would like – I’m dreading the day honestly! As I said things seem to be getting more and more expensive and yet as a whole we seem to have less and less money to spend. I know I always accept way too much work at Christmas that usually sees me in tears because I am stressed, over worked, under paid and bloody knackered. That’s why I am giving a big, massive high-five to Sports Direct this year who are running the campaign #SDFiverChallenge where they are making it possible for us to buy every gift we need this Christmas for a fiver or less?! How amazing is that?! Imagine if all you needed to do was spend £20 on someone for them to have 4-8 amazing gifts under the tree. I decided to check out this challenge and see what I could actually get myself for a fiver…

Sportsdirect.com is not just football boots and inexpensive trainers. It features fashion brands, leisurewear and more! Because of its buying power, Sportsdirect.com is able to get products you’d expect to pay more for elsewhere. Their range of £5 gifts for Christmas means you can shop for family, friends, teachers even your book-club buddies for less!”

I have to say I was a bit sceptical as I literally know sports direct as a sports goods store where I shop for my brother’s cricket or football supplies and on the odd occasion go to purchase trainers, but that’s it. However I went over to the Christmas Section of their store and oh my goodness, it was like a whole other world opening up.

They have several sections which have been split up two ways – gifts for him/her etc or categories like Toys and Games, Fragrances, Jewellery and Watches and much much more. So to start with this was a complete surprise as like I said I didn’t realise they went beyond the latest football kits.

Toys and games is an amazing section and is not what you would expect. Honestly, I was half expecting to open up the section and see a lot of plastic tat that is really only worth 99p not even a fiver. However, shockingly, most of their stock is actually branded goods! You can find Frozen, Minions and Paw Patrol Merchandise galore – enough to satisfy any of the adoring fans in your house. They had a lot of the craft sets and Weird Science stuff too so I grabbed this Zombie Making set for £4 for Rowan this Christmas – bargain!

Jewellery and watches I honestly didn’t expect to find anything I’d like or could afford for a fiver but again another pleasant surprise. There were several half decent watches that I would actually wear for under a fiver as well as kids character watches! What I really loved were these funky pedometers – keeping fit is actually making a fashionable comeback in a way so something like this would be perfect for the budding fitness fanatic in the family.

You don’t however, have to stick to just the Christmas shop. I went for a nosy around the main site and thought I’d have a look through the mens fashion as I know that SportsDirect host brands like Lee Cooper and Firetrap and oh my goodness you need to get over to the t-shirts section right now! They have a sale on that not only brings the branded and in some case designer t-shirts down to below a fiver, they also have an offer of 2 for £7 on too! I grabbed a couple of t-shirts including this incredibly cool Hot Tuna t-shirt to give out to the men in the family this Christmas!


You know what? I actually think that SportsDirect deserve a huge thank you and round of applause for their #SDfiverchallenge because it’s not many stores/chains/brands, particularly around Christmas time, that would do something like this to make Christmas so much more affordable for some many. Did you know that the number of homeless people living in the UK has increased by thousands in the past year alone?! People just don’t have money to splash around anymore and some don’t even have enough to live let alone anything else. A pleasant surprise with some quality items from SportsDirect – huge thumbs up!
This post is an entry for BritMums #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by Sportsdirect.com.

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  1. Kate says:

    Great to see how you got on – commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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